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Just bought my pre-drought bag

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NFloyd2357, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Every year around my area, shit goes dry right before halloween. Im really hoping it won't happen this year, but i've alraedy seen a few indications that its about to go dry. I bought an ounce of some decent hydro (wasn't told which first it was very green, like, too much green, but its turning a bit orange with some curing. deffinitely a heavy indica dominant strain as well.) for $230. The ounce is almost gone though because so many friends needed some of it. Im hoping that even when the area goes dry, my campus should always have some shit around (first year on campus so i dont know). Worst case scenerio, im not gonna be smokin much until the holiday season (but thats when we usually get some of the best stuff). Someone move to new england now if you wanna make alotta money lol, you can rape (financially) all us poor college kids.
  2. Very wise of you to get a good bag before it has a chance to run out. I agree on the money thing too.
  3. Congrats on thinking ahead.

    I need to get my halloween bag one of these days, but then again I think shrooms are in town :)
  4. very nice, ive been wanting to try shrooms for a while now, but cant find any... i have a theory that everything will fall in place when the time is right for shrooming though, so its all good. :smoke:
  5. Hah yeah the universe tends to sort itself out.

    They're fun but can be really scary under the wrong circumstances. So make sure you're informed and prepared lol.
  6. yea i want everything to be perfect. I may even wait till next year when i have a house with my friends... not sure i want to dorm trip at school right now.
  7. ya it happens around here all the time, especially around september 11th it seems...but this year wasn't bad at all
  8. Hey if you can scrape enough money together and find a dealer who isn't running dry, you can rape and pillage (financially) your college yourself! Good luck.
  9. where in new england, ive NEVER had a dry spell in CT...i think once when there was a decent size raid on a few peoples, but you could still get it just expensive...

    dude, go out in some woods (its new england), go grow your own, and be like FUCK YOU DEALERS...
  10. Yo, it's always dry in my area, I have to twist arms and bend over backwards for teh weed I can get. If you can, like you have a car or something, take a weekend trip and make a bigger pickup for cheaper in an area that is saturated.

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