just bought my new arizer solo

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  1. Anything I need to know about it, like advice, tips, etc. (for owners of one only)
  2. First of all congratulations on getting the dopest hand-held vaporizer out there! I've had one for about a year now and I love it, I literally take it every where with me. Cuteyness Level- 10000, I can walk around the street with it in my sleeve and be completely chillin!

    BUT here are

    My personal tips with the Arizer Solo:
    -Rock it about on level 4 most of the time ( I can't remember the exact temperature atm, but it's the optimal temp for releasing the THC )
    -But when your bud's get darker, I move it up to 6-7, to try and get the most out of it
    -Pack the bowl about half-way/maybe a little more, so it won't be all stuffed up and that the airflow will be good
    -1 Bowl usually lasts about two full 12 minute cycles if your really trying get the most of your bud, or ya can just save up all the ABV and make some dope edibles, or just it eat straight ( I know there's debate on that being plausible, but I swear to god personally it worked for me, I ate like a months worth of ABV and I was flooored. )
    -If your getting a bunch of little bits of bud into your mouth and it bothers you, go to a smoke shop and buy a little screen to put into the stem cause the Solo is notorious for it.

    Hope you enjoy your new purchase! It's dannnnk ;)
  3. get the pvhe stems from planetvape.... the turbo too..
  4. Use the stock stems until you need an improvement

    Fully charge it, turn it up to 7, let it run for 3 mins, then fill the bowl and put it in there, and vape away

    Set it to 4, and slowly go up to 6 or 7 until the taste changes

    Get some .5" screens to keep the stems cleaner

    Thats it man, its foolproof, just press a couple buttons and start vaping

    MrBliss pretty much covered it
  5. Just smoked my arizer. Stock stem with a screen. I'm so high. But my miss I paid 5$ a gram on, which I just smoked, we're better than my Cali mist where I paid 20$ a gram. soooo high right now.

  6. this except I think a bowl only lasts one 12- min session. and level 4 is the shiiiit..... happy vaping dude. good choice on vape.
  7. Yeah, I've got one, and I can't say enough good about it. I love the thing.

    When it first arrives, the stems will fit really snug, and may even be impossible to get in. This is normal. Some old models of the solo fit perfectly when new, then loosened up after the first few uses, leaving the stems wobbling around or liable to fall out during use. So the new ones come a bit too tight and fit perfectly after they've been heated up a few times.

    When you get it, follow the instructions. Just like bitches, you got to turn it on, get it hot & ready. Otherwise, it wont allow you to shove things in, lol.
    Heat it to seven for a cycle or too and you'll be good. That helps with the plasticity "new electronics" taste too.

    Also, don't overpack the bowl, or it'll be really hard to draw from, especially when it's new.
  8. nifty little vapes arent they? I keep hearing about those pvhe stems, ive had my solo for a year now, maybe ill spoil myself :ey:

    happy vapors everybody :smoking:

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