Just bought my first piece

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  1. What do you guys think.

  2. i think the image is to large for such a small bowl
  3. Yeah, looks kinda cheap and i wish it had more color. Regaurdless, grats on the pickup! Keep tokin'! :smoke:
  4. not bad. my first piece was a rasta colored acrylic bong shaped like a naked lady. it had the nips and everything. lol
  5. Saweet! Thats what my first piece looked like! :) high five friend!!
  6. ^^^ Ima have to get something like that next lol
  7. Nice pick up glass looks thin though
  8. It's not though
  9. looks kinda short in length, but the bowl is big, and the glass looks fumed so it should change color, in addition to the designs already on it I'd say it's gonna look pretty cool after you smoke out of it for a while.
  10. Yea thats why I got it too other than the design that I like that it has because my brother said that too that it would change color because its fumed
  11. it's gonna look really pretty in a week or so
  12. Yep. It definitely looks fumed. Keep us updated and post a pic of it when it's gotten its color :D
  13. Gotta love your first piece of glass. You'll neve go back...Forget the color changing stuff, perserve the flavor...keep it clean...iso and salt should always be in da house now.

    It will always have a special place in your heart.
  14. ???

    My piece has color changed, has a decent amount of res in it right now, and I can still taste the flavor of the weed perfectly fine.
  15. I like it. Awesome for a first spoon.
  16. Will do but I don't smoke often though. How quick will it start changing color?
  17. It's hard to say. I'm sure it will vary from piece to piece based upon the amount of fumed used, and the type, but I'd say after the first 5-10 bowls you should see a little bit of color change, but the whole thing might take a while longer. Like I said originally, hard to say, only one way to find out, smokes some bowls :smoke:
  18. honestly i think its badass the simplicity is great on this piece!
  19. Yea that's one of the reasons I got it too. I like simple stuff. I don't really like the ones with all kinds of colors its too much for me.
  20. That's fucking hilarious. +rep

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