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Just Bought My First Edible

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Epitimize, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. The topic says it all, but I just finished my final and now I'm waiting for the class to be over. If I open the bag and take out a cookie to eat it will it smell or will anyone be able to tell its an edible?
  2. It might smell depending on the ingredients. My chocolate bars smell, but if I get a different kind with extra ingredients then it doesn't. Caramel and caramel corn always smells for me.
    Also, be careful. You won't feel the effects for a while, so don't eat too much of it. Especially if it's double strength or triple. My first time I ate half a double strength candy bar and ended up in a weed coma for a day :)
  3. If it were to smell would it be very noticeable or like a small hint of some herb lol. And I only plan on eating about half as its my first one and I don't know how strong it is
  4. VERY noticeable. The smell could potentially fill the whole room
  5. go to the bathroom or somewhere hidden and eat it. just be smart about it
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    This, all the way
  7. wouldn't be polite not to share with the class.
    open that shit, and get your teach baked!
  8. I decided to just take it out the bag and eat it asap in class. It had a strange taste but maybe because I've never had one. It had a slight smell but not very noticeable. Hopefully it's not weak and I bought a bad edible because I bought it off a class mate
  9. Once it kicks in and you can tell, let us know how it went.
  10. Lucky you, I need to bake myself some. I wish I had the time. I rather just get some but not many folks here in Chicago make/sell.
  11. I ate it about an hour ago, but I don't really feel high yet, just hungry
  12. It's coming, feel dryness in your mouth? Eyes heavy?
  13. My eyes are a little heavy, but I have no dryness in the mouth.
  14. Strange.. Shouldn't be that long..either it's weak or you are seasoned;)
  15. I feel I little buzz but I definitely not high like I've heard of people STONED of a cookie. I have one more for grad night next week, but it looks like it has some yellow powder in it or something? Ill post a pic later, I'm not sure what it is
  16. My first pot brownie didn't have any taste or scent of weed even up close and it knocked me on my ASS for at least 9 hours.  Dont remember the night at all but apparently i was just laying on my bed kicking my legs and moving my limbs really oddly and woke up the next morning still fried!
  17. After 5 hours I felt no high what so ever in the time since I took it. My next edible better be better or I'm getting my money back!

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