Just bought my first bong!

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  1. I'm not sure what to name it! I was thinking Sinestro, because I thought it was yellow, but then I discovered that it's color changes with the angle of the light from blue to yellow. The piece is a simple ice pinch/slide. Also, I want to buy a precooler/ashcatcher but I'm not sure on how to size things up.

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  2. cool man. I never name my pieces or guitars so I can't help there, but you look set for a good night. Ass on the computer looks good. Video games are good.:smoke:

    I am blaz.ed.
  3. Thanks man. Do you happen to know any useful information to help me pick out the right ashcatcher/precooler?
  4. Ack, I do not. I just enjoy big ass bong hits without those darn ash catchers, but I understand the need to pre-cool.

    Try some diffusion stones! They are glass balls you put in your bong that act as a perc.
    stonesdiffusion.com is the website
  5. Will that kind of thing work with my ice pinch? Or would ice just plain do a better job at cooling?
  6. I don't know how many accessories you will be able to add because your bong isn't a glass on glass bong. It looks like there's a rubber grommet on there anyway. Regardless it's a good first bong man. I bet it rips. :smoking:
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    If you can fit your thumb into the hole the downstem would go into, you have an 18mm joint. If you cannot, it's 14mm.

    edit: but I see it isn't GonG. Don't think you'll be able to find any decent accessories. Either way, it's a decent piece. I wouldn't worry too much about an ashcatcher. Just means you'll have to clean it a bit more often.

    Go out and get an ice tray. Actual ice cubes work much better, in my opinion, than the little fruit-slice lookin' ones you get from ice makers.
  8. This is exactly what I was going to say about using ice lol.

    And that's a pretty nice bong man. I had (just broke my first bong the other day, I already had the second one) 2 bongs that were't glass on glass, and I've never seen or heard of any ashcatchers or the like with these bongs. I've actually never had the chance to smoke out of a glass on glass bong yet lol. But yeah, I'm diggin yours, I like the agle color changing thing. I can kinda see the yellow on the edges of it.
  9. That's a rubber grommet tube, you'll need a GonG(glass on glass) tube.
  10. Well thanks for your help everyone. I suppose I'll have to invest in a GonG. Because I'm determined to get something I'll go to the place I bought it from and see if they have anything. As well, I use the crushed ice from my ice machine. It sits and piles up perfectly letting me fit more ice without giving me any drag!
  11. That bong looks destined to break, the bottom looks kind of disproportional
  12. my friend has a bong EXACTLY like that haha it rips
  13. Nice piece dude. Nice wallpaper too, who is that?
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    How can I know if this will fit my bong?

    Also, I couldn't fit my thumb in it, so I should assume it's 14mm?

    I have no idea who she is. I just found her online somewhere.
    Here, I'll post it for everyone!

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  15. Haha oh, shit that's Olivia Wilde.
  16. grommet type sliders(or your bowl piece) i havent seen made past 12mm
  17. hey man you can definately get a ashcatcher for that beast. the slide (provided its not glass on glass) will either be 9mm or 12mm. 9mm ashcatchers are easy to find at headshops. If you have a 12mm slide its a little harder but its not impossible. I found one!

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  18. How can I measure the slide? is it length or circumference? I want to assume length.

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