Just bought my first bong...

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    It already smoked out of it so it's not clean. I haven't smoked out of a bong since I began smoking 3 years ago. I had no idea how much more efficient it is than smoking out of a pipe. Usually a smoke session with a friend using my pipe takes us around 4-6 bowls to hit the spot. For the bong, 2 bowls and we're absolutely gone. I can't get over how big the hits are. The bubbling is quite cool too.:D Cost me $30.

    Is that a decent deal?
  2. That's a goodfirst bong but next time you want a new one look up glass on glass bongs what you have is called a glass grommet bong
  3. I see. What are some of the differences? Or is it more of an aesthetic thing?
  4. See that rubber stopper thing on the bong near the slide? That the grommet. Still a very nice bong. For 30 bucks thats a GREAT price. My friend bought that same bong but it was blue for like 45 bucks.
  5. Thats a gas station pipe buddy, make sure you take real good care of it, a passing train may break it.:D

    Otherwise, sick piece, and good first/starter piece:smoke:
  6. thats a nice price for that.

    I payed $60 for my first bong, it was about 2ft tall and black with green and white swirls..no idea where i put her :/

    so i bought a bong about the size of yours but it was just clear and i payed $30 for it...
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    Gong is air that
    Gong has ashcatchers(yes grommet has em to but there hard to find and there not diffused)
    Gong has diffused downstems
    Gong has percs
    And all the high end bong companys make gong not grommet so that tells you something.But grommets are definitely better that acrylic.Enjoy your bong and stay high.Happy Toking

    Edit: if you have any questions you can pm me or you can just search the forum there is tons of info on grasscity.
  8. I had this exact same bong, it's a good little piece for something China-made. Warning though, it is veryyyy fragile. I broke the bowl twice and finally the bong gave way around the middle of the chamber when I set it down too hard. But it hits like a champ for $30.
  9. Haha thanks for the feedback guys :smoke:

    I'll definitely save up for a high-end bong, but I'm still living in my parents house and if they found it - I'd be royally fucked :p. And I'll be sure to be careful with it, though there's really no way to stay cautious three bowls later haha.

    By the way - how much water are you supposed to put in it? I just put in enough to submerge the end of the stem-piece by a few inches. Is that how you're supposed to do it?
  10. yeah i put enough to cover about an inch of the stem piece.
  11. Half inch above hole

  12. +1

    Nice lookin piece!!

  13. the cylinder on that thing looks like its got a pretty big diameter, bigger than i'm used to. probably hits pretty harsh
  14. i don't like it better buy a new one
  15. My first bong was a grommit too, and they get the job done but glass on glass is WAY better. Just take care of it and it'll last you a life time.

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