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Just bought a MFLB. Bad idea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huzi, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I still live with my parents and I just ordered a Magic Flight Launch Box off ebay (along with a new cheap glass pipe). It is going to be coming in discreet packaging and my parents aren't too nosy about what comes in the post for me, but if the tin is quite big then they will ask me what it is.

    I am usually buying things for my pc all the time and I thought I would try and pretend it's some sort of keyboard vaccum cleaner :D. They won't ask me how to use it or anything or to see it in action, and they won't be bothered about never seeing me actually use it (cause they know me as the kind of guy that wastes money on something and never uses it).

    I'm just hoping it will be worth the hassle. I love sativas, and some people said on some forums that it extracts more cannabinoids (the stuff thats mostly in indicas i think-causes couchlock, stoned feeling, etc) than THC . It sounds like bullshit to me but it would be great if someone could confirm that.

    The reason I bought it is so that I could spend less on weed, and do it secretly in my room without any smoke smells. I have an acrylic bong, a glass pipe and a weird magnetic pipe (but I mostly smoke out of the glass pipe or a joint). How would the vaporizer compare to those things?

    Thanks in advance! :D
    tl;dr: what's good about the mflb, how does it compare to a bong/pipe, is the tin very large, pros and cons, etc.
  2. youre gonna be amazed by the vape.
    hardly any smell & youll save a great deal over burning joints.

  3. Thanks bro! I really hope it is as good as people say it is cause if I get caught then i might get kicked out of the house lol:smoke:
  4. MFLB is great, but with a higher tollerence it doesn't perform like a bong would.
  5. vape is entirely different type of high. for the sneaky factor & mellow high it gives i think youll enjoy it.

    plus he has a bong to rip when they arent home
  6. Yeah I kinda thought it would be like that. I don't have a really high tolerance since I only do it 2-3 times a week, I thought maybe I would save my bong/pipe for special occasions like fridays/saturdays or when my rents aren't home and use the vaporiser whenever I just wanna get high sneakily.

    Yep, I can't wait to try it out and see what its like :D
  7. It will come in a 8"x6"x2" package.
  8. That's cool, isn't too big. Thanks for the info!
  9. your gunna love it bro, make sure your batteries are always fully charged and you may want to think of investing the extra $20 to buy stronger, longer lastin batteries.

    Pros: Stealthy as fuck, you should still try n blow out the window and have a fan on tho to be safe. I have a ceiling fan and i do this and my mom walks in minutes later and smells nothing unusual, and they know what pot smells like.

    Its really portable and could be used anywhere if your cautious enough.

    Once you know how to hit it then you will get very high from using it, just try and use other pieces often so you dont build a strong vape tolerance.

    Can use ABV to bake weed food

    hard to break, lifetime warranty

    CONS: It takes a while to finish the whole bowl.

    have to make sure batts r charged before use

    smells a bit...especially in a stale room
  10. bad idea if you bought it for the wrong reasons
  11. Thanks for the detailed reply-- yep I bought a 4-pack of Energizer rechargable batteries (the powerful ones) for £18, comes with a nice charger too with a lcd display. My rooms kinda small and has a window and a fan too which I use when im smokin out of my pipe at night so that's fine. Is ABV the ashes or remains of the weed from using the vape?

    I bought it for stealthiness, easy use and for using less weed/making it get me higher or last longer.
  12. Bad idea your not using it right now.

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