Just Bought A Giant Bean Bag

Discussion in 'General' started by zUnderground, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Well just got a giant bean bag chair that sits about 3 people. Its huge.

    Needed a couch in my room and instead got this $400 blob. Its very comfortable. You cant get up so bring everything you need with you qhile chillin. Pipe, drinks, snack, remote, etc.

    No mobility so be prepared to be a bum with everything in arms reach.
  2. Nice blog post..... but $400 for a bean bag chair?
  3. pics pics
  4. Wal-Mart for around 200 bucks
  5. you know what I could do with $400 ......... but yes, pics. bean bags reminds me of them baby freshman year days
  6. Yes pics. And where'd you get it OP?

    Always wanted a Love Sac (I think that's the name of the store) but they cost so much

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  7. I got it in a place called Yogibo similar to love sac. You can put it verticle or horizontal. Its washable and come with warranty ad stuff

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  8. Fuck yo couch!

    Buy a bean bag :cool:
  9. Well you just solved your squeaking bed problem lol

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  10. My best friend slept on one all through high school and then for another 4 years lol They pretty cool
    You just gotta flip em over and fluff em up....like every month or so....

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