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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MonArch, May 26, 2004.

  1. i just bought a 150 w hps light from lowes. Its a Reagent(brand) dusk till dawn light. I thought it would be a lil easier to wire but im having problems. It has a light sensor in it and i wanted to just unwire it from the system but that would disconnect my main power cords. There are two powercords running out of the ficture one white and one black. I am going to plug it into a wall socket so i have a cord with a male end to plug inn , but the cord has three wires. one green one white one black, wtf do i do with the green one. its a nightmare diy. Does anybody have any links besides the ones on overgrow that talk about these things that i dont understand, I dont want to seem retarted but does ne body have one with pictures. Oh yeah the ballast is glued to the bottom of the thing that holds the whole unit, should i try to remove it? i think thats a bad idea, i need feed back so i can sort out this nightmare.
  2. The green wire is the case ground... this keeps you from getting shocked when you touch the outside of the housing... it hooks up to the round blade on a three wire plug in... if you don't have a three plug outlet to plug into on your wall you would have to clamp the green wire to a water pipe close to where it enters the ground.... if you're like me leave the wire unhooked and keep your hands off the light while it's on

    cover the light sensor with tape or paint over it with black paint... this saves from having to rewire the lamp and will work just as well... hoped I helped

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