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  1. Today i was smoking with some random people.. after we finished i wanted to smoke the roach and asked if anyone got a pipe. The response i got was laughter and 'we only smoke blunts'. I found this weird because a couple towns over, they mostly use pipes and dont smoke blunts that often.

    So to my point: Does anyone on here just exclusively smoke pipes, bongs, blunts, papers, vapes, edibles ect?

    I feel like its a waste to only use one type of device when theres lots of ways to smoke. Plus i do love the glassware, some of it can look real nice
  2. My buddies and I use blunts just bc it's easier to dispose and what no, but we do use bowls of we have them, but about 95% of the time it's blunts
  3. Yeh i guess it is easier to ditch it if the pigs come running
  4. We mainly smoke bowls but if we have the weed we will roll blunts sometimes. Just depends on the situation
  5. i just dont see the point of limiting myself. Besides i feel like if i smoke lots of blunts then switch to a pipe the high is different. i donno its weird
  6. Ill use whatever to get me stoned. But my preference is glass.
  7. I too rather smoke out of a bong,pipe, or burb versus a blunt.
  8. In south florida, I believe its a "trend" to smoke blunts. All my homies tell me "bro blunts get you so much higher". Lol, i just tell them nope your an idiot... Smoke the same amount of weed in that blunt out of a bong youll be a minimum of twice as high

    Joints and blunts are so wasteful
  9. I dont care... You must hang out with 16 year old kids who think they're cool.
  10. Nah I smoke glass/joints/spliffs/and blunts(don't have a vape). It gets boring smoking the same thing time after time. And I've always smoked different things on different occasions. Spliffs usually in the morning or if want a mellow relaxing high. Bongs/Blunts when I want to get really, really high. And Joints and bowls can be smoked whenever. Though usually If I'm rolling with paper I'll just roll a spliff. Haven't actually smoked many straight joints the past 1-2 years.
  11. I can't roll shit, so I have to go for the pipes and glassware. Hitters are good too. I haven't smoked a blunt in like a year probably. I love 'em but I don't have the opportunity very often.

    I used to have a vape a few years back, but I got rid of it. Regretting that decision, too. That thing was cool.

    Joints and blunts is definitely considered a waste of weed by many, but they do get you fucked up :)

  12. Joints are way more wasteful than blunts.. but blunts get you high in a different way than pipes and bongs, i think
  13. [​IMG]
  14. ^ well, when smoking blunts you're also smoking tobacco so it's different than just smoking weed. And usually when smoking bongs you're inhaling more smoke taking bigger hits so there's the whole oxygen deprivation thing added. It may not be completely different but there are indeed subtle differences when smoking blunts/bongs.
  15. Yes the thc from the blunt is metabolized in your anus

    Oxygen deprivation doesnt do anything unless your deprived of oxygen for 8+ minutes

  16. Actually, different things happen along the stages of oxygen deprivation.. for example have you ever taken a hit so big that your vision starts to black out?
  17. I usually just take hits from tha bong.. i like an occasional blunt to though. :smoke:
  18. I find it funny when people get angry when you roll a spliff, yet 90% of the time they smoke blunts.
  19. Blunts blunts blunts

    My favorite, but I have mad pieces I don't know what smoker would laugh at the thought of having a bowl?
  20. And spliffs are great, all I smoke when I'm in Canada

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