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  1. So to start this off, I am 21 and just recently started using MJ. I can safely say I enjoy the effects I get from it, and until now I never really cared TOO much about the legalization of it. However, after just started using it, and looking online for information on how to use it better, pieces, recipes, etc, I can't help but notice a very tight-knit community basically living in the attic afraid to be caught. It just amazes me how I could actually be ARRESTED for planting a specific seed in the ground. I am in my senior year of college as an education major, and that simple sentence just races in my head all day, it just seems unfathomable.

    I read so many different sites and articles about how legalizing MJ would do so many different things: money lost from the War on Drugs, money gained from taxes, free up jails, stop ruining lives over something stupid, MJ vs. alcohol, MJ vs. cigarettes, etc. However, the one that I seem to be annoyed with the most is just the ethical perspective that the federal government should not be allowed to tell me what I can grow in my garden.

    I have seen the list of what is required to be a scheduled 1 controlled substance, and as much as I don't want to do the "well what about alcohol/tobacco" argument, it is impossible to avoid the 2nd requirement, "The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States." With that in mind, tobacco, alcohol, and lollipops should all be illegal. But since they are not, it proves that just because something is not helpful doesn't mean that we as civilized, "intelligent" people are not allowed to indulge.

    Another point often raised is the helpful effects for 'medical marijuana.' Not to be heartless, but I don't see why I need to be suffering from something terrible to be allowed to enjoy MJ. In fact, that should add to the argument of why can't everyone do it, because it seems more like "oh, I guess life didn't turn out how you would have wanted it Mr. CancerPatient, have a light." Another big argument against legalizing MJ is that it can cause cancer. However, if I smoke a popsicle stick, that also could give me cancer. It is not the MJ, or tobacco per say, it is the fact that I am inhaling burning ash into my lungs. So, with that in mind, how do 'enhanced' brownies relate to this argument?

    So, if I want to grow wheat, barley, hops, and tobacco in my garden, I am more than free to do so, and then get lung cancer, and liver failure. However, If I want to just grow enough MJ for me to have a freezer full of brownies for my Sunday of football and Doritos, the Feds won't let me. I have read many other articles saying the same thing as me, but I just felt I had to get that off my chest. Hope you all enjoyed reading this.
  2. So true man. Unfathomable is i think the best word to describe MJ laws, its just ridiculous. I just find it silly that im unable to grow a plant in the privacy of my own backyard.. Tabbaco causes cancer, has no medical use and that really kills people, alot of people.. But its perfectly fine to grow and smoke that? these laws are just childish.
  3. Not to be a killjoy or anything, but tobacco does have medical use. Ever been constipated? Yes? Smoked a cigarette and then could magically shit? Yeah, nicotine loosens ya up.
  4. Lol, well in that case...
  5. Right. I'm surprised that if THAT counts as medical, how could smoking to resolve muscle spasms be less valid.

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