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just being new

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by inu4ea, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. i guess i'm not in kansas anymore...
  2. well hi
    an that was a pretty good first post :)

  3. Not Kansas. This is mellow the mellow universe. Welcome..

    By the way............................. Do you have toto?
  4. i'm just a regular, i guess... i love to talk to others about my favorite pasttime. thanx for making me feel welcome, all that replied. by the way, hey there okie!!

    inu4ea again, puff by puff
  5. JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!



    Just don't try to take his bowl from him before he's done eating.


    I know this cat.

    I tell him to go intro himself.

    He comes to Seasoned.

    This is why we don't let him go to Wal Mart anymore.
  6. lol! okie hehe

    Walmart is the place for everything a stoner needs :p

    everytime someone needs somthin on these forums, the first reply is to go to walmart n u'll find it :p
  7. ok can you 'splain the name?......
    it took me two years to learn that unoit didnt rhyme with detroit!
    i's a little slow

  8. He musta went to bed, but it's "in euphoria"
  9. Damn Okie - you scared me there for a second!
    Good thing I know you're usually - uhh - pullin my leg!!

    So anyway, welcome inu4ea! Smoke up! I think that's the only requirement here.
  10. thts a good one, i never woulda got it.......
    ya gotta be really bad to not get to go to walmart.

  11. Smokie........ If you know him well....................Maybe

    We should just ban you both! LOL

    OK now which one of you have toto???/

    I know he is still in Okie somewhere.

    Send him home before Dorothy wakes up and Smokes herself silly!
  12. bongs tend to help me make sense of things.
  13. hmm...

    i guess you could always go for a short walk and a long joint?
  14. HIGH All, welcome to the City inu4ea...puff, puff, pass.

    *LOL* @ HIGHa...Detriot???? *LOL* Come on HIGHa I'm sure I've told how I came up with my online name "You Know It" unoit....must have been smoking that good shit you stashed eh!
  15. I'm confused!

    Not really but, you know....Welcome to the City if your introducing yourself and I'm pretty sure that's what you're doing!!!!

    Have fun and ignore Bud Head and his ToTo remarks...he has an obsession with that dog right now.'s hard to make sense of ANY of it, sometimes! :)
  16. Just for you my mighty Aussie friend,

    Inu4ea is a friend of mine. You now have 2 Okies to deal with. I'm no longer an endangered speices.

    Ya remember the little story I told awhile back, the one about pulling a joke on a friend? And then that friend retaliated by putting a sign on the back of my truck, size 74 font, that read,

    "I've been dry for 6 months thanks to Bedwetters Anonymous!"

    Did'nt become aware of it until the next day and several trips around town.

    Lil' bastard!

    I got even in a most cruel way.

    But that as they say, is another story.
  17. Ohhhhh. I get it. So, he knows all about you dropping your you know what in the you know where???? LMAO!!! HAHAHA! He'll have to share the stories we have yet to hear!!!! I'm liking this already! ;)
  18. ah was only for TWO YEARS till i got it straightened out. my lil brain saw your name as one word......
    had a good laff an now every time i say know man gives me a dirty look. lol

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