Just before going into flowering, any tips?

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  1. Hello all
    My baby's are 35 days old and i think next week i will change my lighting cycle to 12/12 and go into flowering stage.
    On the veg stage all go pretty weel, the plants happy eating great get 2 times Topping and 2 time LST.
    I not put yet the scrog because until now i using the LST to continue the growing but... Maybe its time to scrog? Maybe not?

    * So before i going into the flowering stage can you think about stuff that i need to order online? Even to harvest stage . The orders from online take between 30-45 days to arrive. So i want to make sure i have everything ready.
    Thanks for your help.

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  2. I'm no expert but I'm sure if you wanted to, you could pull some branches down a bit more to spread the plant out a bit more, and possibly do some defoliating to get the light through the plant more, it looks pretty busy with fan leaves. Plants look awesome though man!
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  3. Oh yeah, you can def do some more "strenous" branch bending and leaf tucking.

    As far as the scrog goes....I think most people have the net up and let the plants grow into it....

    I dont like "promoting" my stuff...but if you want to take a few seconds to check out my grow journal you can see how I personally LST my plants
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  4. I do that few days ago, i open the plants really wide and Change the place of the LST but after 2 days its all get massive again.
    See the photos i add its less then a week.
    I also think that way to many fan leaf's, what you recommend? I also think some dilution should be done

    I really dont have where, i bending all what i can and believe me its alot. I try make some more, can't find a way
    About the scrog you recommend?
    I be happy to see you LST

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  5. They look much more trained in those new pictures, looking good man
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  6. That's looking good to me....good training .....those branches that have flower sites...I always try to make sure I "bend and weave" them to point up towards the light.....so the become big colas in the end
  7. This allmost 1 week ago, before 2 days i change the place's I grab the new growth and trained it, and now it's look like you see in the photos of the topic hahaha
  8. Every 2 days i turn the plants to rhe other side to make the all plant get good light power.
    But im really think its way to crowded
  9. See those flower sites "inside" the plant that are poking up the most....go ahead and tie them down as well...right next to the one its growing off of is normally where its gonna end up....then take a few leaves that are really blocking light to the REST of the plant......that's my way anyway
  10. So you recommend to take down all the fan leaf's that on the top of the planet? Because they are the one's that hide the all light inside
  11. AHHHHH!!!!! Its really hard for me to describe to you.......I DO take some fan leaves and I AGGRESSIVELY tuck others....I dont know how to answer you question because the last thing I want you to do is cut all of your plants solar panels off....

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