just b4 harvest & just flowering period begins

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    not sure if this is the correct way to post a question but here goes, i've never used these forums till recently.
    i've just heard a couple of stories and i'm wondering if you guys can confirm or blow them out the water,so to speak.
    i've been told b4 putting your vegging plants into flowering that give them 24hrs darkness b4 starting them on 12-12.
    I also heard to leave your plants in darkness 48hrs b4 you harvest them that this makes the buds swell.
    if that is true, do you let your plants go dry and use up wat moisture is there or give them plenty water in order for them to take it on board to help in the swelling of the buds.
    i mean the 3-4 days b4 harvest.

  2. no water, as this COULD cause bud rot when you take out 3-4 days later too trim up & hang up too dry.

    HOPE HELPS:smoke:

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