just ate a tab.. whats up GC?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Box of Rain, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. just ate a tab of acid. should be a mild trip.

    how is the city doing tonight.

    send me some good vibes and lets talk?

    im alone for the night so i need someone to talk to.. :wave:
  2. no acid for me, it's been a while but it should be around soon. I can feel it. Have a good trip, put on anthem of the sun or a good taping.

    by the way, box of rain is one of my favorites. I'm a huge fan of hunter's lyrics. I actually have a solo album of his. acoustic, dead songs, titled box of rain. He's not a great vocalist, more poetic than anything. maybe check it out tonight?
  3. yeah! possibly. hopefully this trip is mild enough where I can still type haha.
  4. Good vibes man, I want some acid for this weekend so bad!
  5. Sweet dude, have a good time and put some nice music on and chill, if I wasn't busy I'd say we should talk over AIM so you have someone to immediately talk to, but I hope you find someone to communicate with.

    positive vibes your way man!
  6. listening to some reggae, can feel the energy bulding up.

    tonight is going to be a great night! :D
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    haha sounds good man, mmmm i love the roller coaster :)
  8. Reggae is always a good choice. I'm an odd one and I really enjoy melodic or death metal on acid o_O'
    I wish I had acid tonight, I would be so stoked... oh well, have a good box
  9. yeah I made a playlist.

    got some

    grateful dead
    steel pulse
    infected mushroom
    slightly stoopid
    blue october
    jack johnson

    just to name a few! :D:D:D

  10. Would be glad to IM you and talk to you man, but I have to go to sleep and get up for school in the AM unfortunatley.. :/.

    But hope your feeling the positive vibes im sending you way man :)

    Have a good trip and goodnight GC!:wave:
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52nn4m8Yf0&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Reaching Quiet- Slashed Tire Reprise: Broken Crow[/ame]

    listen to this song in the dark. it's my favorite to listen to tripping.
  12. Should be hitting you pretty hard about now :D
  13. that shits buggin me out and im not trippin haha
  14. I ended up just going for a walk and being outside all night.
  15. word, i did that once on an eighth of shrooms, I thought for sure I could stay indoors, as soon as it came on I grabbed a house key and went outside to walk around at night.
  16. Yo bro, want and box of cheerios? Im totally cereal.
  17. when I was coming down I watched national geographics: CIA secret experiments.

    was kind of fucked up.

    They had prisoner volunteers (addicted to heroin) volunteer for a study and be given free heroin as a reward.

    what they did was give them a high dose of lsd for 77 days straight!!

    where do i sign up?? :D
  18. I would try this just for the free acid :D

  19. Project MK-ULTRA.

    Top secret operation ran by the CIA to develop interrogation techniques. Wild shit.

    On another note, I have 3 hits of acid to take this weekend. Only ever done 2, so I'm pretty excited to feel what 3 is like.

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