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Just ate a brownie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rikardolz, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I bought a brownie at a dispensary, I ate it like an hour ago and i dont feel anything!!
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  3. Usually takes me 30-45 minutes to feel anything. How much weed was used?

    Maybe spark up and get the high going and see if the brownie kicks in. I at some vaped weed before and did not hit me hard untill 3 hours later afte I ate dinner. I was so high that my vision was blurry and I felt dizzy ahahaha
  4. Wait another half hour. Depending on how much I've eaten and how recently it hits me between 30 mins and 1.5 hours. My first time with edibles I ate and waited very impatiently and eventually smoked a little (very little) then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Not very pleasant cause I was not ready for it.

    I'd say wait a little longer and smoke a bit to see if that'll kick start it
  5. How much was in the brownie? Also give it another hour tops, if you don't feel anything then it was wasted
  6. Seriously, just wait. I'll put my house on it that you will want to pass out later.
  7. They told me the brownie had 4doses

    Its been more than an hour and still dont feel it!
  8. what about now:smoke:
  9. brownies can take up to an hour and a half to kick in. i ate some brownies like a week ago for the first time, i ate 2 though and i ate one and waited an hour and ate the other one. about an hour after i ate the 2nd one the 1st brownie started kicking in, and then like an hour and a half after that the 2nd one did and i was blown and ended up just going to sleep cuz i couldnt help it (and those were home made). if an hour and a half goes by without you feeling anything, id go back and complain especially if it was from a dispensary
  10. Mother fuckeeerrr!!!

    Im so high, i feel like im burning!!!

    I dont even know what that means! ^^

  11. ahahhah enjoy it
  12. I remember When I had my first brownie. It was half a brownie. Hit me within 30 minutes. Damn I was so high.

    There good shit. But I wasn't prepared for mine. I woke up the next morning after being out had a few pints had sick all over my floor when I woke up. Can't remember a thing...
  13. Best part about these threads is that you know a "I'm so fucked up" is coming if you scroll down far enough. :smoke:
  14. Damn. I want some edibles now. Definitely making some cookies next weekend! Hope you enjoyed your high ;)
  15. Maybe just eat more
  16. Im still high!!!!!
  17. 7 hours since his first high report - I'm so jealous of this guy it's not even funny.
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  19. those have taken over an hour to two hours to take effect on me...

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