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Just ate 4 firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PeacefulStoner, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. you made them wrong if you wernt super high of 2grams....................or your super skinny with fast matabolism so they just didnt work.
    edibles dont work on me. even amsterdam brownies dont do shit.
    mabey your the same??
    enjoy the bowls none the less dude. :)

    peace, davey

  2. I find it so fucking weird when people smoke when they have edibles, then they go "hey guys i think it worked actually, i smoked 5 bowls and i now i'm pretty high!". If you need to smoke bowls you did it wrong.
  3. 1 g in a firecracker put me in a very nice place for a good 6 hours

    2 would just fuck me up
  4. i am dissapoint.

    op was the weed brick weed or mids or dank?
  5. 1g brownie has me soaring through the sky haha.

    4 .5 firecrackers id be immovable
  6. You are gonna be high as balls
  7. You are about to be in a state of half sleep for the next 6 hours, your gonna fucking trip ahahaha, that is if you don't just go to sleep, I've eaten one saltine before class before on 4/20 and was pretty stoned most the day
  8. Yeah firecrackers never really worked for me either. They'd give me a bit of a buzz but nothing to write home about.
  9. I'm not really sure what happened. I ate them all, then only felt a slight buzz a couple hours later. So i thought they didn't turn out right and i smoked a couple bowls. After i smoked the bowls i pretty much fell asleep right away. I could very well could have slept away the firecracker high because i didn't wake up till like 4pm today. I made a couple firecrackers a couple nights ago and they turned out amazing. And i didn't do anything differently this time so i don't see how they would've been duds.
  10. I used .7 of some dank for a firecracker once. It didn't hit me for a good hour but once it did...I shit you not I thought I was floating. Most intense body high of my life. I have a very low tolernce, but I was high for 12 hours easy. Went to sleep and woke up still blazed. :D

    I think you messed up in the cooking process. What temps did you use?
    Perfection is 225 for 21mins... [I think]
  11. #31 420tokerdude, Aug 2, 2012
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  12. [quote name='"420tokerdude"']OS op desde Yeti?[/quote]


  13. Sorry my phone went into espanol
  14. (five characters)
  15. Ha I did this yesterday when I didn't have any graham crackers so I just made 3 using townhouse crackers. Spent the rest of the day in a daze.
  16. I made 8 firecrackers with peanut butter and Ritz crackers yesterday. 350 @ 20 mins, about .3 - .4 on each cracker and ate two for every session. It took me (a 195 lb. male) about an hour to kick in and I ate it around 4 PM and I'm just now coming down.
  17. idk what went wrong man. I did it at 325º for 23 mins. That's how i do it everytime and when they come out right (everytime, except this time, they have) 1 or 2 .5 crackers will have me STUCK for like 5 hours

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