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  1. i wanted to ask can you lst train and then put the screen on top then or am i doing this all wrong? I was thinking that was how you do it but after reading many posts i dont think you guys are using any screens at all. Am i making a mistake doing this ? Because i have been lst training my ass off so far and maybe doing this all wrong .Because i was reading a guy got a pound off of 4 plants easy with a scrog .But from reading here these are two whole different techniques of growing dam !!
  2. its kinda the same, i prefer lst cuz i can bend them and tie them down ANY way i want. Scrog is great too you just have to pull them thru the screen by hand though and spread them out
  3. With a screen you are doing a scrog (screen of green). You can use LST with a scrog, but usually it is one or the other. I agree with Offline that I prefer LST, basically same benefit/result but easier to manage.
  4. I used a screen on top all through vegging. As well as lst. And I have the best of both worlds. A huge plant that is half it's normal size and producing more.
  5. hi guys, just wondering. I got a single AK48 fem auto on the go, I have the first four leaves (two large bottom layer, two little on top). Anyways to the point, should I remove the Cotyledons or let nature take its course? would appreciate some advice on this :)
  6. Hi Jack! Nice hijack :mad:

    It's very easy to start your very own thread starring your very own question. Not only is hijacking someone else's thread very rude and takes attention away from their question, in addition your question won't get the attention you want. Play nice.

    To your question, leave the cotys alone, they will shrivel and die all by themselves.
  7. Sorry dude,
    this is my first forum Im new to this kind of thing. Thanks for answering though. It wont happen again

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