Just another tuesday....

Discussion in 'General' started by SIR_JANE, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. 1 Ounze of kush

    smoked 5 bowls

    ordered pizza wings with BBQ and cinnastix

    an now to munch and watch TV :smoke:
  2. dude, your sig quotes kick ass
  3. And also very very true my freind:smoke:
  4. yep even ive been feeling your sig sirjane haha. Kush is too nice, been puffing on it for a while now. Love the high but HATE the tolerence it makes you build up haha. Im just chilling tonite, my lady just left. We kicked it all day and that was all fun and good, real good haha but now i need my "me time" lol smoking a bowl out the jack herer piece waiting to watch the laker pre season game, seems like its never going to start. Yep just another tuesday
  5. So if a police officer arrested me for something I didn't actually do and I decided to resist and killed him in the process, I would be let off completely? Would this actually hold up in court?
  6. unfortunately..this is a precedent that is hardly ever used.

    It should be.
  7. I love kush. Especially OG Kush. Have a good time buddy.
  8. tyee my tuesday was dope i just got off work shwoered got picked up blew a buncha orange kush, hit lil ceasers through the back got a fat hook up 4 pizzas 16 cans of pop as much dippin sauce n 4 packs of stuffed crazy bread all free, at it went to a park blew more kush now im home i just smoked about 8 blunts in total and im about to smoke a bowl of hashhhh thats wuts good

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