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Just Another Stoner???

Discussion in 'General' started by mercury71, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone. Just chillin here... zoning thought Id give a great big shout out to you all out there. It's kind of a strange experience for me, cuz I dont really have a lot of friends who smoke out, so thought Id post in here and see if I can change that. Anyways. just wanted to say hi!!!
  2. HIGH to ya!!! you'll find a great bunch here!! Happy Token' to ya!!!!!!
  3. hi,if its stoners your looking for you just MIght find a few lurking here an there.
  4. stoners, here?
    i dunno about that :D
    welcome to grasscity i hope you enjoy us crazies :)
    i'm sure you'll fit in quite well~~
  5. Welcome, friend.

    Glad you found us. :D

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