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Just another bag grow (Sog) Part II

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by justmeagain, Sep 21, 2010.

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    This thread has been edited from the beginning due to many changes that happened since it started and is now telling whats really happening

    Day 1: Germination

    I am started this grow by germinating 35 random bag seeds with the intention of using the first 25 that showed tap roots and weeding out any males hopeing to finish the grow with a minimum of 24 ladies.

    My intentions for this grow is basically a Sog but with a different twist.

    I intend to use 5 gallon planters instead of 3 like the last grow.

    Things changed when I got a 5 x 5 x 7 Grow Tent and some toys in a sweet trade deal

    Another thing I will be doing this grow will be using unsulphered molasses in some of the feedings to see if their is added weight to the cola's

    Pic's will start when the seeds show tap roots and be added as the grow progresses :bongin:
  2. Awesome! Sub'd for the ride again!
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    Day 2 Germination:

    I check the seeds and already have 4 that are showing tap roots. :)

    I don't feel like fooling around with 4 seeds so I decided to wait another 24 to 36 hours and see how many more start showing tap roots before I move on to the planting stage. :smoke:
  4. Good deal, What method are you using?
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    Day 3 Germination:

    Nothing special has happened yet, One of the seeds has a tap root that is quite long

    Nothing special, I am putting the seeds between wet/moist paper towels in a Tupperware sandwich container.

    Once I move the seeds to a seedling container I will give them a watering with a drop of Superthrive to help promote healthier and stronger roots :bongin:
  6. Hey jma !! Xcited ur doing a part 2 glad I caught u in the start of the grow I'm hopping on this
    Ride for sure, ! Check out my page jma new pix u mite like ! Btw I replanted it :) sorry for long delay
    Jus been busy since I got bk ws tryn to post up new pics but had no time.. Cia
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    I am glad to have you abord, I saw the pics you posted :)
  8. I just got 3 clones from a buddy.... Let the games begin!
  9. Subbed!!!:cool: cant wait for the show to begin bro:smoke:

    3 main colas better be fat like bro.. molasses is very good, i start feeding it to them 4wks before chop.. adds a bit of weight on and also has a sweet taste and intense ya trichs also:D
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    Day 4 Germination:
    Day 1 Planted:

    I was amazed to see the one seed that had a long tap root no longer had its shell (helmet) and what looked like 2 extremely tiny leaves attached to the end of it. :D

    8 seeds was planted in 5" square green pots and put under 100 Watt MH Lamp on 18/6 schedule.

    The remaining seeds that did not show tap root was flushed :mad: and a new set of about 30 seeds was set up for Germination. :)

    I want to get at least 15 more seeds planted and will be using a 3x4 grow area this time instead of the 2x4. :)

    7 of the 25 plants that are slow to grow, males or not showing good growth at the end of the veg cycle will be removed and destroyed. :mad:

    The last grow journal I did yielded approx .65g per watt dry weight and this time I am going after 1g per watt, as they say, time will tell :cool: :devious:

    I will start the veg cycle this time with 1/4th strength growth nutes after the plants show their 3rd set of leaves :smoke:

    The porn will start once the seeds start sprouting :bongin:
  11. Shit about the duds bro and yeah bud porn will soon arrive :p i beat you even though you just harvest:eek: i hope all is females!!:cool:
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    It will be a first for me to use molasses.

    How would the plants do if I started feeding it to them when I flip to flower cycle? :confused:
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    Not quite sure bro as i only add it to late flowering when buds start to fill-out thats when the molasses works best on the buds and trichs.. ask hmmmm thunder fuck or big jay some good info in my old thread let me look it up,


    And read onwards ya might find summit that will meet ya needs

  14. Since molassas is only used 1 tablespoon per gallon I might have to try useing some after the flowering cycle starts :smoke:
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    Day 4 Germination Update:
    Day 1 Planted:
    Day 1 Sprout:

    The little seed that I reported earlier this afternoon that lost its helmet while germinating and was planted this afternoon has now broke thru the soil and is sprouting.

    I am going to have to make sure to watch this little bugger alot closer

    Its hard to see but in the 1st pic almost center in the one planter is the small sprout making her way to the light :bongin:

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  16. Hey jma setup lookin good!
    Wouldn't it be amazing if we could give the plants nitrous n watch them grow so fast n big that the buds popped off
    New nutes of the future - jus a thought
  17. That would definately rate in the Advanced Nutes Catagory :D
  18. Tuning in, can't wait to see how this one goes with the last one being so good.. Looking forward, Later man
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    Day 5 Germination:
    Day 2 Planted:
    Day 2 Sprout:

    Nothing Special to report, plants are doing fine

    Pull up a chair and grab a bowl :smoke:
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    Day 6 Germination:
    Day 3 Planted:
    Day 3 Sprout:

    The little sprout that could is doing great and now showing a 2nd set of leaves.

    The rest have yet to break ground and the new batch of seeds have yet to show any tap roots.

    Pics will be added later :bongin:

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