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  1. So I got a strain I'd never tried, or even heard of before (bear in mind, I live in Australia...aside from the growers, most of the time we just buy "weed" right?) called "Bruce Banner".

    Nice. Strong.
    The weird part is...it seems to have an almost polar opposite effect on people.
    Now I get it - there's usually SOME variation in effect, sometimes elements one will be familiar with or not that will occur with some, but not all people.
    Not this though.
    This...made my wife clean the house like crazy...and knocked me on my ass. Total couchlock, sleepy.
    We weren't the only case though.
    My friend and his flatmate that got some too - the same two, opposite effects.

    Never seen this before in my life - and I found this unusual.

    That was my story.
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  2. very interesting.

    if I found a strain that put me to sleep and got my lady cleaning... I'd start growing it so I could always have it!
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  3. Be able to retire after selling the genes too lol.
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