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  1. So my fellow blades, I was perusing some threads in the philosophy section and pondering some of lifes challenges concerning marijuana, and a thought came to me;
    What's the relationship between people who grow their own bud and smoke every day to the people who don't grow their own bud and smoke every day?
    I've seen quite a few people post about how they believe weed is a crutch and that by smoking it all the time they're limiting themselves, and while I believe in addiction and that weed is addictive (I for one am 'addicted' in a sense), I also am always thinking one question when I see things like that; do you grow, or just buy?
    So, I'm curious to know how many blades or bladies out there grow there own and smoke every day because of it, and how that affects your life. Do you feel like it's limiting you? Or do you use it every day like you would the toilet?
    And for those of you who just buy and don't grow, but smoke every day, do you feel like it's affecting your life in a negative way? Do you constantly think about these negative things? Do you not feel like it limits you?
    Basically I want to know this; does growing and having your own supply make you less likely to feel 'addicted' than someone who has to spend money all the time to get it?
    I thought this could be an interesting discussion, so I'll start things off;
    I tend to smoke every day and do not grow, and while I do spend a lot of money on the herb, I don't really think it ever inhibits me from many things. Sure, there are times in every day society where marijuana is frowned upon, so it may make me feel uncomfortable, but honestly I think weed helps me in so many more ways than it takes away from me. Life gets me down sometimes, but it's not the buds fault. And I can go a day or two without it before starting to feel 'symptoms' which I know are just in my head, so I tend to just let it slide. But, that's just me, and given the opportunity I would start growing immediately.

  2. I do believe that growing and smoking up everyday is more life enhancing than the other.Raising a plant takes patience, self control, and responsibility.It is more about the growing lifestyle that affects them more positively.On the other hand, people who pick up and smoke everyday will not have as great of an enhancement, yet bud is bud so there's no doubt they'll get high lol.I think the main thing to look through is the financial aspect.Money makes modern society revolve, it is a crucial part of our daily lives. Socially, money is everything. People judge others by their salaries, they're cars, houses, jewelry, clothes, etc.. This is all money.As a buyer and everyday toke myself, I find that purchasing may be more of a crutch as opposed to growers.Growers can make money and have an extra personal stash, buyers lose money to increase their stash.Loss of money = more stress = lack of happinessDespite the negativity, I also think this issue can be resolved if the individual can understand that bud is not a drug, it is an enhancement. I do not depend on weed, though it does help me greatly. I understand and accept this, therefore I do not see picking up as a loss of money.I like to see it as an investment. This leaves me feeling pleased.There is no addiction, no dependence. It is not a drug.Also my outlook on society also helps me.I tend to care less about how others see me. I am a human being, they are humans and we have a set amount of time on this planet. I try not to waste any time worrying about what others think of me.Of course there are exceptions such as a GFs parents or my boss, but a majority of the people, I do not care what they think.I feel that judgmental pricks are a pain in the ass, they are the reason Earth has become so corrupted. Not only society, and social pyramids but it has also affected the environment as well.Bad rich people can stick a mop up their ass. Hopefully it'll clear them out cause they're always full of shit.Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest.That turned out to be lengthier than I expected haha.~1996 Jiggawattz~
  3. Im too high for this shit OP
  4. The "personal relationship" you can develop with plants are deep. You can really fall in love with your fruit trees and vegetable garden. If you take care of them they take care of you. And homegrown and homemade meals are just soooo much better. Its like your grandma making a family thanksgiving feast vs going out to eat....it isn't important per se, but its something some find nice. You also know where things are going from and what you put in.

    The same sort of bond forms with psychoactive plants, but on an even deeper level because they alter us. This may not pertain so much to weed, but some who grow psychedelics and stuff start to see a "spirit" of the plant. Almost like there is an entity there.

    Gardening of any kind is also a wonderful hobby. You get a close connection with the plants on a more physical level because you can have as much control over their inputs as you want. You can micromanage the shit out of plants. Eventually it becomes like a game, always trying to better your last grow in an unimaginable number of ways, all the time learning valuable skills and reaping tangible rewards. Plus, a grow can pretty much be the freest thing on earth. Find seed, add dirt, water, sun, collect fruits of labor.

    I think a grow can help a person who feels like they overuse bud too. If you have the mentality to only use what you produce and have the ability to grow even a few plants pretty much anybody can support a habit. Make be a cutback in some cases (although its more likely you have too much to smoke) but itll get you by easily.

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