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  1. I have done nothing but reading all week and I have a couple of questions that hopefully some of you guys can help me with please.:eek:
    Firstly let me just say that I live in Ireland and I have had a shit load of trouble getting supplies, lights etc, so let me tell you what I have and hopefully I can grow a bit.
    I could only get cfl's that are 2700k, dont know why but these are not on general sale here.
    I have soil for growing tomatoes as I was told that this is close enough to what I need, also have perlite, ph digital tester and nutrients for growing tomatoes as it had the highest npk ratio of 4-4-12. I intend to grow in a wardrobe as it looks ideal for growing.:eek:

    I am going to only grow 2 plants at a time as space and teenage kids are a bit of a problem
    will these 2700k cfl's x4 be enough light for the first couple of weeks?

    Will my soil be ok for growing and the nutrients be ok?

    So guys if you can stop laughing for long enough any advice would be great, also if any of you know someone from Ireland on this forum could you please send me a private message so I can contact them regarding where to get supplies over here.

    Iexpect my northern lights seeds to be here in the morning and I just cant wait to get started.:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the help in advance.:D
  2. The biggest problem I see you running into is that 2700k CFLs are for the flowering state, and unfortunately won't work well for vegetating. You should try, if you can, to find bulbs at least in the 5500k range, and hopefully as high as the 6500k range. 4 bulbs should be fine, but it depends on the wattage of the bulbs (the actual wattage used and/or the equivalent wattage is fine). You will really need a fertilizer that is higher in Nitrogen than Phosphorous when in the vegetative state, but I'm pretty sure what you have will work for the life of the plants. But make sure you place the lights as close as you can (CFLs can be placed within about 3 inches or so of plants).

    The soil will probably be fine, as long as it doesn't already have slow release nutrients, since you'll be adding additional on your own.

    I know you have NL seeds on the way, but for future you could always try Lowryder or Lowryder 2 plants. They are autoflowering, so might not need as much of the 6500k light to be really productive. They're really small (can range between 12 and 17 inches depending on the breed), and can consequently be planted in smaller pots.

    Anyone else got good advice for this gent?
  3. Thanks Lord (lol) so I should be ok to start with, and I will have about 3 weeks to get them 6500k lights from the internet, it's a pain in the town halls not been able to get the bulbs here. Thanks for the reply man.

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