Just about the greatest thing.. EVER!!

Discussion in 'General' started by XColonelsPrideX, May 21, 2006.

  1. lol wow

    That was actually a bit disturbing. :p
  2. what the hell was that
  3. Hey CP, how's the job hunt going?? Hope things are working out!!
  4. i want that slap machine.

    the only way to watch this clip is baked out of your gourd. :)
  5. It is a real tv show in Japan. These guys are in a library and they are subjected to pain- but no one is allowed to make much noise.. or something. Its so dumb, but it is so funny- especially after nursing on the Vap. for a little while..

    Well... this coming week is my last week at the job with the creepy old man. I am having a difficult time finding a new job. Its unusal for me, because I ALWAYS can find a job within two days of deciding I need a new one. I was working in an office, and I decided for the summer (and if it goes well through the semester) to try and find a job at a spa.......

    so far...nothing. :mad:

    Im a huge spa-goer though, so I think Id be able to get a job at the spa I actively go to. (Spa and Salon)- only problem is I am not sure what the pay will be. I was making good money at the office, I am expecting a major pay cut... which means... new budget and cutting back on MJ.

    ........so.......i dunno.

    Thanks for asking!! Ill keep ya updated if I indeed find a job. And then we can all smoke a bowl in celebration..


    Hunny, if you bought that I would love you forever. You have no idea how much fun I would have with that machine while you were sleeping.......;) :ey:

    And of course GC members, I would make sure to record the act... and post it on the forums- cause that would be awsome.

    Gotta keep dreaming I guess.. tehehe.
  6. haha, old man bites tenderly
  7. This is retarded.
  8. lmfao that was one of the funniest things ive ever seen.
  9. I was "baked out of my gourd" and I lauged intensly. The funniest thing is them trying to keep quiet at the same time. :D
  10. Hahahahhahahh at the dude getting his ear nibbled on. ROFL! The stoner jap of the group Rofl!
  11. That was hilarious. All these asian guys and a black dude, now thats entertainment.
  12. Just went back and watched this baked outta my gourd....OMG. Old man bites tenderly.
  13. This had to be made for us stoners..

    I watched it today baked.....laughed so hard tears ran down my cheeks.

    watched it again........normal- smiled at some parts.

    Smoked and watched it again- ONCE AGAIN tears down cheeks.

    All I have to say is Japanese people are AWSOME!

    And theier game shows are soooo damn funny... has anyone see the XTREME one???...... thats a hoot. :p
  14. Haha, MXC on spike? That is show is pretty crazy. Guy le douche might just be my hero.
  15. thats EXACTLY what i meant- that show is SOOO funny(especially the dubbing over that is so obviously fake)!!!!!! We get a Japanese channel on my cable (or whatever tv provider we have) and it shows Japanese shows.. and they are sooo wacked out.

    There was this one show that had the following premise;

    A man walked around with a baseball bat- would run towards unsuspecting people on the street and pretend that he was going to hit them REALLY HARD.

    ....and that was it. Nothing more.


  16. Yeah I agree. Those Japanese have some crazy antics. But it sure as hell is entertaining :eek::laughing:.
  17. that was hillariours i laughed so hard awsome find!
  18. LOL, I remember a couple years back. I was watching the first one while I was eating dinner with the rents. I was taking a sip of my drink and the scene where the girl gets the soccerball in the face comes on - fucking classic. First time I've ever had milk come out of my nose. :D


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