Just A Token Of My Appreciation Dedicated To Marijuana

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  1. Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I just thought I'd start off by posting something about how much the herb has done for me. Ever since some traumatic events in my past ive been much less of a free spirit then I had been prior to these events, and I also developed social anxiety. I hate this condition so much because it distracts me so much and hinders my ability to focus in school and develop and maintain stable relationships with people. Then I tried weed. After that I took up smoking weed every weekend with my friends and so on, you know. Eventually i took to vaping everyday going through a .5 a day with my mflb. I use weed for several reasons: it makes my social axiety disappear almost completely, allows me to finally relax and feel comfortable, aids my ability to focus on things I would usually find too boring to pay attention to in school, increases my overall motivation, gives me that bit of extra stimulation my adhd mind is looking for, and most importantly (I dont know any other way to put this but forgive me if you dont understand) it makes me feel "at home." Pot just makes me feel like a child again... my love for my old interests comes back (like astronomy and anything else to do with space). Ever since I started vaping I got a new job which I love, working on getting a gf, talk to more people now and am less intimidated by social cues like i would be sober, getting better grades in high school, rapidly progressing in skateboarding, working out daily, and the list goes on. Even my friends notice a difference, they say im much more laid back/much less uptight than I used to be and that i go with the flow better. Weed just evened out my hard edges I think. Like yesterday something happened that I just thought was beautiful, even though it may not seem like much. Heres what happened okay so I finished vaping, high and feeling good, my sister walks in from work and I had the first 15 minute long conversation ive had with her in about 6 years just about school and some other relevant topics. It probably doesnt sound like much but im almost crying tears of joy thinking about how much I love my family and friends right now. Anyways im ranting but yeah thats really all id like to say. Thank you marijuana for enhancing my life! Feel free to comment your views as well.
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    I am happy for you, welcome to the community.

    Annd if you ever find that the medication is not helping you, you can always give it a break.

    I once thought this advice sounded absurd.. quit smoking... however along this journey of life we grow. I haven't smoked for about a year, but I will always remember my first love.

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