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  1. I was thinking of the problems with shipping glass, particularly to some certain places.

    And of ways to boost revenue.

    How about selling hydro setups and chemicals.

    thoughts ?

    ;) roach. :wave:
  2. I can't particularly comment on this, but I wanted to say hi, long time no see :D
  3. *Is becoming known* my ass.

  4. wtf ?
  5. Hey roach...I'll hook SJ up with the thread. It's up to him as to what he sells. :)

  6. Your rep title.

    it's changed now so....
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    oh...you mean those little green thingies ?

    how do I remove them ?
  8. By pissing a lot of people off?

    Well... The setups can usually be put together from things bought from most stores like Walmart, so I don't see why you'd want to buy them online.

  9. Hahaha i would love to remove them as well

    it cant happen though :(

    btw your sig is against the rules, the *text or pic* rule;)
  10. Are there members who would prefer to not have their rep show for other members to see? Besides you two?
  11. Ya *me. I had some person with hella rep bitch me out. Rep is like friends on myspace. It's alright, but people with hella "rep" disrespect people with low rep. That's not cool man.

  12. I don't think it'd make that much of a difference...people who judge themselves or others by rep now, would just switch to post count or something else...

    Personally, the rep system amuses me...
  13. I think that's a great idea. Wow a site that sells the equipment and shows you how to use it that's unheard of.
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    It would be cool if it was an option to hide or show the rep :)

    Only for full rep bars though sometimes the rep really helps me wth new members, some have very good rep which will make me go and read a few of their threads and some with very bad rep which will make me know where the conversation is going :D

    I admit i do look at rep sometimes.

    It also helps me know whether the girl i'm talking to is hot or not :laughing:
  15. very difficulty in regards to shipping fluids overseas, to much paperwork

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    I think it's older than the rule :)

    but I'll fix it.

    oh and I was just kidding about the rep bars. :)
  17. I was just thinking this same thing. They would sell tons of stuff to noobs looking to get started, lazy people who don't want to go look for the things they need to grow, and people who live in small towns and can't find the right equipment. Everyones always on here like "Where do I get mylar?", "Where do I get rockwool?", "Where do I get...?". We could say, "You can find that on the GC store."

  18. Hahaha that's why i see a lot of the old boys with weird sigs and gif avatars,

    I wasn't kidding :cool:

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