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  1. If federal healthcare becomes a reality; would it be a stretch for medical marijuana to become illegal once again due to the governments love of the war on cannabis?
  2. It's an arguable point, but yes i think it's a stretch to say if we pass a public option it will repeal any medical marijuana ground gained over the last decade.
  3. i wouldn't say its a stretch.

    look, the government doesn't consider marijuana to have any medicinal values, its a schedule 1 meaning no medical values and is hardcore like heroin.

    if the government runs healthcare it means there wont be anymore medicinal testing of marijuana, and that means it wont ever be legal.
  4. Thats what i was thinking id just be so devastated if i thought itd remain ilegal forever i was getting used to the idea id see it legal in my lifetime
  5. I think this might actually help to spark the initiative. The first time a current medical marijuana license holder goes onto the public "option" it might go to the Supreme Court where, with some pushing from Obama maybe? or some California Reps? the court could rule outlawing medical marijuana to be unconstitutional. Just a possible out come?
  6. Here's a thought i had the other night.

    With all these Americans who are over worked, under staffed, constantly trying to outsource one another, they quickly become depressed and unsatisfied with life, especially the children who don't have parental figures around. If everyone is just getting Benzo's, prescribed ADDHD, and we got 75% of our population hooked on pharmaceuticals, then what?
  7. Then coffee sales would go down? Damn near 100% is already is hooked on alcohol. What difference does it make? That they can use it at work? They drink coffee all day at work, so ritalin and adderal would simply replace that. Hmmm, those meds reduce appetite though, so less money for the food industry as people eat less during their lunch breaks. Honestly, I think that if anything, they'll use MJ the same way. What better way to ensure conformity and complacency than making cannabis usage mainstream?

    Also, ADHD meds and cannabis are like a vicious cycle, one makes you feel strung out to the point that you feel like your heart'll burst, the other calms you down till you feel like your heart has stopped.
  8. Were you a doctor in the past life? You sure are knowledgeable about your health.

  9. Those that think medical marijuana will not be affected by government run health care are ignorant of history. Government, whenever it takes control of something, always, ALWAYS plays favorites. Those that win are the ones with money and that means big pharma. Big pharma will benefit tremendously from contracts with whatever agency would be in charge of administering the health care programs. MM and other alternative medicines will not get any respect from government run health care programs, especially since the government sees no medicinal benefits from marijuana.

    And expect more regulations to come once government takes over health care. Many socialist nations are considering banning certain foods to "curb obesity." I'm not sure why people never recognize the fact that government does not have any regard for liberty. While some people think that government is there to provide a "safety net" it does so at the expense of liberty. Thomas Jefferson once made the comment that "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Somehow people have come to believe that trading liberty for safety is an acceptable trade off. Perhaps the like the chains around their wrist. I don't know. I cannot understand the statist mindset.
  10. So that means we shouldnt have healthcare for all?

    Would you like to use the money to fight wars, or would you rather see that money put into a fund so that everyone recieves healthcare?

    I dont see how that takes away any liberty.

  11. How doesn't it take away liberty? The Government is aiming a gun at your head, telling you to cough up more money or you're going to jail. You don't have the same options, especially affordability wise. People who make 50-70k already don't purchase healthcare because they don't necessarily want it. They obviously don't think they NEED it anymore than they NEED Plasma screen televisions. That'll leave a hell of a lot of people cut off from private health insurance since they are already being asked to fund for more than themselves.

    The government is expanding, taking on my rules and regulations. They just handed their power to print money to the FED's and we can't even get a fucking Audit of them. Now you want them to have health insurance as well?

  12. I'm not going to get into another health care debate on a thread that isn't about health care. All I'm going to say is I'm not surprised that you can't see how providing health care for everyone through a government mandate takes away your liberty. You don't see any dangers with government. That's fine. You like serfdom and you're welcome to it. I just hope one day you'll pull your head out of your ass and start using that brain in there to actually think for once instead of regurgitating socialist propaganda. I know one day circumstances are going to require you to actually look at the big picture instead of focusing on the symptoms of the larger problem (such as expensive health care). Everyone soon enough will be confronted with what the real problem is but by then it will be too late for us to do anything about it.
  13. The people in that tax bracket will see no increase. I think Dickie makes a good point you missed. The government will take your taxes either way, and many of us prefer they use it to help Americans vs. hurt Iraqis.
    I agree. This is a more plausible outcome then going backwards.

  14. are you stupid? We're only in Iraq because it benefits us, you really think Osama Bin Ladin is a crazy master mind with all these resources, funds, and tree houses?

    You think we can sustain this? The income tax is going up, the income tax doesn't even pay for anything except the inflation and debt which the Federal Reserve already causes us. Which we pay them, they take all of our income each year because they are that much better than us. Even though our congress can't even Audit them or see transparency, we are supposed to put faith in another government program!

    You think we give a damn about Iraqi's? We don't give them any rights, we don't hold Black Water responsible for killing innocent Iraqi children and families, we paid to bring them in. We pay them hundreds of millions a year for their services, our tax dollars!

    The best idea would be to take on a unsustainable program and try to give everyone FREE healthcare because those who can't afford it think it's a good idea? Ever hear as TINSTAFL?
  15. That statement is entirely inaccurate. Have you failed to learn anything about the program you so avidly fear.

  16. have you ever heard of exaggeration, of course its not free for every single individual, but other individuals are going to pay a lot more than you are, and still face lesser quality treatment.

    good day, i'm sorry you can't argue anything except an over exaggerated emphasis, you're going far in life.
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    No it wouldn't be a stretch. Big pharma cant patent a plant, and I'm sure the govt is gonna want a discount on all those pills its now selling.
    They are going to want to tax to death everything thats unhealthy. Fast food, Junk food, Sodas, cigarettes, alcohol, w/e they deem unhealthy and costing THEM money. I foresee an even harsher war on the citizens in the form of oppressive taxes, and repressive laws.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHXXTCc-IVg"]YouTube - Bill Maher - Anti-Pharma Rant[/ame]

    And Im a broke ass fool w/no ins.

  18. They've already successfully held a War against Drugs on it's own citizens, they learned they can withstand it and lock us away for non violent ingesting of plant material. Now here comes in the heavy taxation and legislation.

  19. Haha w/e man, just because im not paranoid and and i dont hate everything single thing government does doesnt mean i dont see any dangers with government.

    I should pull my head out my ass and i spew socialist propaganda? Thats what id expect someone with a jackass argument against healthcare for all would say.

    Only you know the real problems?:rolleyes:

    You really sound like Glenn Beck, you and your right-libertarian views make about as much sense as boobs on a bull, now grow up.

    So you still rather see money spent on murdering and torturing people, but not for creating a fund for Americans so they will recieve the same healthcare people in congress get?

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