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  1. I dont think it makes any sense to arrest someone for possesing drugs. Drugs are illegal because they are bad for you and they can cause harm to you. So bascially getting arrested for posessing marijuana is like getting arrested for assualt for punching yourself in the face and breaking your own nose.
  2. uh, no offense, but were you stoned when you wrote this?

    Weed is not harmful -- it is illegal because of racism and yellow journalism. Period.

    I'm in NC, but if you live in California -- you damn well better vote for Prop 19.... the other 49 states are counting on you...

  3. Yeah weed was originally made illegal because the pharmaceutical, cloth and particularly paper industries were coming under great threat. People back in the day were very racist and because there wasn't much free media and the general public didn't know much about anything, people were very impressionable. So propaganda was spread claiming Negroes, Filipinos and Hispanics were using it and killing and raping etc.

    Now the tobacco industry and especially the alcohol industry have caught on to how much of a threat legal cannabis will be to them as well, and so have followed suit, supporting the propaganda, this time, that it's harmful for you. They quite literally invest in reiterating the line between legal 'Acceptable' drugs, and illegal 'Unacceptable' ones. It's sick.
  4. I'm not specifically talking about bud. Im talkin about all drugs. They should legalize them all and if you get caught help you seek help for your problems. Not arrest you for something thats only hurting your self

  5. They did just that in Portugal and guess what? ALL drugs use went DOWN. Especially among young kids. I won't hold my breath for the rest of the world to follow suit, but I'll do my damndest to get Prop 19 passed here in Cali. It's the crack in the damn we've all been waiting for. :hello:
  6. you're right but I think they would argue that you could hurt others while you're high.
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    even if thats true they are trying to prevent something before it happens, people can get drugs regardless of its legality. Its not logical to punish someone for doing something that hasnt happened yet. Damage control is one thing, but are you going to make hammers illegal because you can bash someone's skull in with one?

    there is no logical argument for defending the illegality of drugs.

  8. It's a throwback to our puritan roots. There is supposed to be "separation of Church and State" but it's really not the case at all. People in power still try to use Religion to push people around and force their morals on everyone else. That's not what Govt. is supposed to be for. We've just little by little let big Govt. take back our individual rights. All that's changing now... People want Govt. OUT. This is a very good thing... :smoke:
  9. yeah, whenever i drive through Cambria i make sure to give ol' Hearst Castle the middle finger.

    fucking William R. Hearst...
  10. i thought it was the illegal mexicans that brought it into the u.s. and the main focus of the racism and prohibition of mj was because of them
  11. Well "Forbiden fruit is the sweettest one" right?And yeah all drugs should be made legal because you really cant protect anyone from himself.Also if they were legal(all except heroin)
    the kids,youungsters,and even older ones could be more educated about those drugs like it is case with alcohol and tobacco now and guess what crime rate of addicts would go down cause it would eventually get cheaper and they would steal,threat,and put others life in danger less.So yeah it is all stupid.I mean how right is it to bust 7-year old kid,his mom and dad,kill their family dog for a BONG.And even if there was some weed.SO what big deal.Luckily here in Bosnia laws are complete shit,and our police does us more crime than criminals so you can break the law all day long and you will get busted maybe but prisons are freakin joke around here.So yeah.Atleast I wont have problems with my next year grow.
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    It's a sickening story all told. Prohibition came about because of three things.

    1. Special Interest Greed: Newspaper magnate Wm. Randolph Hearst happened to own a bunch of paper mills and foresting operations. He wanted to own the market on "wood pulp paper". He used his Newspapers to villify Cannabis and kill off the competition. Hemp is actually a much better and longer lasting product for making paper than wood and does not deplete our forests... In fact, our Constitution was written on Hemp Paper.

    2. Government Fraud: Harry Anslinger knew that his fledgling DEA was going to need a bigger target than just Heroin and other Opiates, so he decided to change the name of Cannabis to "Marijuana" to confuse people into voting against it. With Hearst's help they planted false stories in all of Heart's publications telling Citizens that Marijuana caused "white women to want to sleep with "Negroes and musicians of questionable moral character" and a whole bunch of bullshit like that.

    People were pretty naive and ignorant back then and had no way to talk to each other like we do now with the Internet. So the stories were accepted as truth and even farmers of Cannabis were fooled into criminalizing the very crop they made their livelihood from. People were furious. Especially people in the medical industry. They had no idea they were outlawing Cannabis.

    3. Racism: Our leaders were notoriously racist in the 30's and it was generally accepted. Hearst's Newspaper spread the racist lies to the population all of which were pure fabrication. The term "Marijuana" was intentionally in Spanish to reinforce people's negative feelings about it. Prohibition of Cannabis is the single greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people and it's still going on today.
  13. Thats pretty much the reality of the situation. The governments war on drugs is like a bully holding your own hand and punching you in the face with it. All the while saying, "stop hitting yourself". They are the cause of the issues revolving illegal drugs, and the cause and exacerbation of even more problems by trying to "stop you" from using them.2 punches into the face dont usually lead to a fixed nose.

  14. You can hurt people while you're sober.

    Better outlaw sobriety. :rolleyes:

    The problem isn't the drugs or your state of mind or your intent, it's the act of aggression.

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