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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ClockworkX, May 1, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, i have a theory i'm working on and i just wanted to know what you all though of it so far. It is in a very early stage but it gets the point across. Thanks

    No matter what someone does they do it to serve themselves. Take this example for instance, there are two people, Jake and Jill, both of them in college and they both have a test, Jake studies really hard and gets a “A” while Jill is lazy and doesn't study and gets a “D”. Both of them work for their own means, on one hand you have Jake who really wants the grade and works hard for it, thus pleasing himself and on the other u have Jill, who doesn't care about it and also is happy with the end result. Look around you and try to disprove this, it's is a hard if not impossible thing to do. But why are people like this, I believe that people are like this because, each man is an island… yes u can have interactions with other people but no one but only you will feel your pain or your pleasure. Granted it is possible to “feel” for someone else, but in the end we only “feel” ourselves. Because of this we only do things that will make us happy, yes sometimes looking back we realize that the choice we made wasn't the best but, when the choice was being made we will choose the one that will bring us the most happiness. Even people who help the needy for instance, are only working for there own happness. Helping people makes them happy! Is this a bad thing no, but its does raise some interesting thoughts about the human mind.
  2. I've thought of that before and it is easy to argue that someone only does something for him/herself. I used it for most of a paper. (without making that exact point b/c the paper was about something else) That's one reason I think it isn't true. It's just too easy. Try to argue the other stance. Playing devil's advocate is great for getting perspective. What about compromises someone is making? It is easily argued that they are making those compromises to ensure happiness later, but what about the crap they take before the happiness. Living with shit for a period of time isn't making someone happy. I lost my train of thought. Maybe I should stop doing drugs. Anyway, Ihope that at least thinking about stuff.
  3. Even people wh put up with a bunch of shit are doing it for there own happiness. It is easier and less painful to put up with the shit than it is to try and make the other person see things your way. They are not foregoing their own happiness for the sake of another person, they are simply delaying it.

  4. What my main point is that, Peolpe will do what they find easier to do, the person you studies really hard wants to study... their body/mind wants them too, pushes them to. While the lazy person's body/mind wants them to be lazy.
  5. Maybe the person who's studying real hard doesnt want to, but knows he'll fail if he doesn't. What if he wants to be able to go out and party, to skip classes, to even slow down and take an occasional nap instead of studying? That doesn't sound like happiness.
  6. Big deal. Don't we all want to something other than work every now and then.

    It doesn't stop him from doing something that will in the long run bring him even more hapiness.
  7. He may not have happiness later. If he works so hard then he's not making friends, so he earns enough money to be financially secure, he'll be old and lonely thus fucking up his entire life. (Now we are moving in the direction of my paper)
  8. He may not actually achieve hapiness, but he will always do that which he believes will bring him hapiness.
  9. i havent read it all simply because i disagree so completely with your first line.
  10. "If Ignorance is bliss, give me Agony" and yet you will not even attemp to understand what i have said
  11. now, i know most of you don't share my beliefs. i'm not trying to start a debate or anything of the sort... but i just want to give an example. i know people (and LOTS of them), who are serving God... even though it (being the Bible) clearly says, in several ways, that it's going to be hard, that people are going to persecute you, people are gonna mock you, etc. because you believe what you believe. they honestly want to serve God, and Him alone (not their own motives)... just so they can have their savior look them in the eye and say "Well Done. I'm proud of you." they get crowns and such as well, but that's not the reason they want to live that way... they want to live that way so they can know they made God proud.

  12. thats really true! even if people do things to help other people, they still are doing it for themselves, because they are getting the warm and heartfilled satisfaction of knowing they helped someone else! haha!!!!! i like this shit.... im pretty high! sorry if it dont make sense!
  13. there is no such thing as a truly altruistic act. everybody got selfinterest in mind when doing anything. doing charity work may make someone feel better about themselves, and certainly people will think better of them. thus increasing ones own popularity and self-esteem.

    i know, it's a cynic way of looking at things, but i have still to see any evidence of the contrary.

    oh, i got scenario that might bust my own argument (naw, really?). imagine you're in the trenches taking a bullet to save your squadmates life, or throwing yourself on a grenade for that matter. you won't be around to collect the accolade, so maybe that would be a true altruistic act.

    i'll have to think a little...

  14. :p

    i read it right after writing that btw. i just had to express how much i dissagreed as soon as possable.

    its a theory/philosophy i have heard many times in many places (even saw it in a "Friends" episode being discussed by JOEY!) and it was once a theory i even subscribed to. but no more (thnx to mushrooms). My dessire to "save" (or more accurately "help") the world and all its inhabitants is grounded in no selfishness. I'm not doing it to feel better about myself because i doubt i will have any sucess in my lifetime. I'm doing it for the future and future generations, of not only humans, but all life. And its not out of a dessire to carry on my family line and keep them safe as i have no further family line nor do i have any plans to carry it on. this even boils down to when i have discussions & debates here. I do not do it to "win" an argument, but simply to increase a flow of thoughts, knowledge and information. ...and i can think of dozens of other ways in which this is selfless... but i am willing to hear any suggestions as to how it may not be.

    selfishness is an emotional responce. those of us who strive to be guided by logic rather than emotions are not guided by selfishness.


    cool! people are quoting me! hehe ;) even if it is to point out they think im being hypocritical, its still cool.

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