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  1. ok so basically ive been through a lot of psychological problems .. insomnia, depression anxiety attacks .. panic .. phobias .. and i use to see a psychiatrist ... all he did was LOAD ME UP with all these pills and drugs ... benzodiazepines (valium, xanax) sleeping pills anti psychotics amphetamines and all sorts of medicines ... this was from the age of 16 - 17 ... up to the age of 18 ... and now im like 19 ... so .. now when i look back .. they loaded a 16 year old kid wiht all these hard drugs ... thats what they do .. they drug you up basically ... when i turned 17 i came to the conclusion that i can solve all these problems with weed .. i mean .. after i smoked a bowl of dank i was sleeping like a baby .. it even helped me with the anxiety (even if a lot of people said that it makes them more anxious) it helped me with all my problems .. and i got out of the benzodiazepines addiction .. btu then ended up in another last year .. and i did the same and now im a simple pothead again ... its horrible how doctors load kids up with heavy drugs .. get them addicted to them .... and when the weed subject comes up its a narcotic drug that is bad for you , imoral and negative as fuck .. BUT when it comes to pills .. there ok .. they come from a doctor its medicine ..... ... i hate this mentality .. weed is my medicine, my relaxation... i mean why the hell cant it be like some people have a beer and a valium to relax .... why cant i just smoke a fucking joint .....i hate the mantality that makes us look like criminals .. makes us look low and horrible to society ...

    just some of my thaughts .... and dont get me wrogn ihave nothing against xanax use or any other pill use (as long as your an adult and can do it responsably) ...

    peace gc .. give me some feedbackon my thaughts:rolleyes:
  2. Haha... Man I'm still in n out of the psych for all my problems. depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD, all of it... and the ONLY thing that has worked for me as of now is Marijuana. I don't even know if the pills would work for the most part because they are so rediculously strict about em where I go to.

    It took me being at rock bottom, suicidal basically, to get a 0.25mg Xanax script, with NO refills...

    I'm fuckin 18, and here they are saying they don't want to prescribe me this because of risk of dependancy. I straight up told them at rock bottom that If I didn't find help, there would be no chance of dependancy.

    And when that didn't work and I tried to get my dosage upped (like standard procedure with drugs like Xanax... start lowest dosage, raise if needed), but not only would they not up it to .5mg, but they wouldn't refill it... so I was fucked.

    Depression was still taking its tole. Anxiety/Panic attacks virtually every day, pretty much a turtle living inside a shell... seemed like life was over.

    Then I turned to this "drug" I used recreationally that I knew wasn't bad, and turned it into the biggest medical breakthrough I have personally ever experienced, but of course the Doc's don't get a shit... they can't believe that... to them Weed is just bad, even though they don't know why.

    I even asked my psych why cannabis was so bad... what had HE learned... "Please, psych... enlighten me!"

    but all he could say was "I don't have to tell you why it's bad, you already know. All the reasons why you think it is good, is why it is bad" (not his exact words, but the general statement was that Its all how you percieve things... that these things I thought were good, were actually bad.)

    Now that confused me... you mean to tell me that all these things that cannabis does... helps a cancer patient through chemotherapy, or a stressed out father through a stressful day, or maybe things more relative to my situation... like how it frees me from my anxiety, clearing all chances of anxiety/panic attacks, or how it helps with all the little neck/back pains I have, or helps me focus when doing important work, and even how it helps me think situations through... these are all bad things? Not to mention the countless other people whom cannabis has helped.

    He didn't have anywhere to go from there...

    But no matter what, they will always think that marijuana is bad for you...

    and im done rambling. I get like this when i'm not supposed to be sober, but am anyways haha.
  3. Man I know exaclty how you feel about beung drugged up as if a magical little pill is gonna solve all your probelms, is bullshit.

    I was diagnosed with depression when I was 12 but its been longer than that and it just stupified me how they immidiately stuck me wiht Paxil, Effexor, Celexa, Zoloft and Prozac.

    They didnt really do jack shit for me except make me sleepless, gain weight, and gag at random times, I felt like a freaking Zombie.

    When I was 15 I just decided fuck that, I now know that pills arent going to do crap, especiallly for Situational Depression, so I got into therapy, Martial Arts, Medidation and of course, MJ.

    Of course I have my days that really suck, but guess what, every day Im getting a little bit better.

    Fuck pills.
  4. welcome to america
  5. the beauties of marijuana extend so far
  6. i live in europe ... its worldwide stupidity

    i mean in some places they give out capital punishment for dealing drugs

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