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Discussion in 'General' started by AloeRuss, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I just saw 2 threads on here that got me up and typing.
    I consider my self as a person that thinks. Football, TV show lineups and CNN talking heads didn't cloud my judgement. Unfortunately for me, I have a big family. 2 daughters and a boy that are in a different states that I have to watch out for. Old parents that need to look after.
    Ameirca is not the place where dream is possible. Affairs of the last 15 years ran it to the ground. Homeless on most corners and unemployment, economy in shambles and thrive for global domination left us with nothing.
    College is still a good thing. Education is always desired but unfortunately going to college do nothing in terms of finding a real job. I know of 2 people personally who after 6 years of schooling ended up with a bad credit and a job that has nothing to do with their major.
    Maybe this rant is not worth much must I said what I felt
  2. where are you getting your facts from?

    i dont think there are more homeless people than 15 years ago.

    "left us with nothing?" are you saying you have nothing?

    you know 2 people that cant get jobs maybe because they didnt have good grades or they study something useless like anthropology. 2 people is hardly enough to make a generalization about every college graduate.
  3. I am getting my facts by riding a bus to work for 3 years and see how streets have changed. And it has changed greatly.

    I am saying that I used to be able to save a penny, since 2008 I force to leave paycheck to paycheck and have only enough for bus.

    I work next door to USC and even those people are very concern
  4. Did you grad? Also maybe the 3 kids in another state you have. And taking care your parents isnt helping the money woes you have.
  5. im guessing you're not in the top .1%


    there are poorer poor people but society in general is better off.
  6. The life survivability minimum has tripped. If 20 years ago my rent was $600, today same place goes for $1800. Goes the same for food, commodities and everything else including gas.
    If your chart showed different results, we would all be dead..
    At least neo-cons are smart enough to keep that going
  7. What is the building next to usc? Are you a college grad. If you living paycheck to paycheck why have mutiple kids?

  8. no those numbers are real income, that means after inflation.

    if you are up 100% that means you can literally buy twice as much stuff.
  9. That Deffenatly cost just as much caus believe me, I haven't see my salary inflate in the last 10 years.

    I had my kids when I was considered a middle class.
  10. Did you grad college ? Or any secondary school. Its possible to save/get farther just your situation seems hard to do it.
  11. I gratuated. I owned a business, I worked on paycheck, I did it all until everyone felt the squeeze and not everyone survived it.

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