Just a stupid question about Adam and Eve

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by cowofsteel, May 26, 2003.

  1. I have been thinking about somthing... since inbreeding causes lower IQ's (proven fact) and since we call supposedly came from Adam & Eve, would'nt each generation be stupider then the next? How would we have evoluvted if instead of getting smarter we got stupider?
  2. True! but my mate who a christian told me "its not a true story, its to teach you" teach you what?! (no offence to anyone) but i've never beleived in anything religous.
  3. adam and eve arent real! god is a conspirecy!
  4. Imagine how smart we'd be now if it wasn't for all that inbreeding!

  5. yea see this is what my pastor would say if i asked him, but i dont understand what that story is teaching either. Cottons? care to explain?
  6. It teaches to obey God. It's a story of two people being punished for disobeying God, because of those two people the entire race must now suffer through life.
  7. well they were kicked out of paradise but why did the animals had to leave too?

  8. Just like the military.. If you are in the military and screw up all your team has to pay the price. It is to get every one involved into team work..

    I don't think it worked for the animals though!

    As far as inbreed goes.................I think someone found out that it was not a good idea. but if there wasn't any inbreeding.............the rest of us wouldn't be here today!

    Besides..... adam and eve were not the only persons created by god to multiply the human race!
  9. ^^ ??? really? i thought adam and eve were the only two... that just shows how much bible knowledge i have...
  10. well there was Kain who god in all his wisdom marked as he was not an entirely human or something, i'm just thinking why he had to be marked when there were only two people in paradise and they both knew that Kain was not to be touched property of god?

    and to make a point I'm disgussing this from an fairytale view, sorry all.
  11. here's the thing though... inbreeding doesn't necessarily cause a lower IQ. it can be linked to some genetic disorders... but actually overtime it gets rid of most of 'em (hence the reason people were allowed to marry cousins, and even in some cases sisters and brothers waaaay back when). like it or not (and this isn't coming from a Biblical perspective) there was a lot of inpreeding in the old days.

    you start with adam and eve... they have kids. the exact amount isn't known, but it is fact that it was more than just cain and abel. anywayz, over time, these kids had kids, and those kids had kids, etc. eventually there was enough diversity in the genetic code that inbreeding wasn't a problem.
  12. All you christians can say you were inbred to where you are now, but I evolved from monkeys.
  13. Believe what you want. We Christians can only present the truth, not make you believe it.
  14. So if you present the truth please present the evidence, you shouldn't mix belief with truth, even if you believe something very much, and have faith and all that shit it doesn't make it truth. i could spend years of believing that if I jump from a tall buildings roof it wouldn't hurt me and when I'd jump it would hurt..... well, stupid example.

  15. ah, prove it then. really, be my guest. 99.6 of human dna, we share with chimps, giving us a very good indication that chimps and us humans have a common ancestor somewhere way back when.

    besides, from only one genetic set (adam and eve) the current diversity of humans can not be accounted for. nomatter how many kids they had that copulated with eachother. it's quite simply genetically impossible. and thats the truth, but fundamentalist christians do not accept this truth, so instead they use several thousand year old myths instead. myths written before we knew anything about anything, and try to pass that off as truth.

    a truth in my book, that is not factual correct, is also known as a lie. or at the very least a gross misinterpretation..

  16. Cain and Able were the sons of Adam and Eve. Cain killed Able because he was jealous, the first murder.

    I only know this stuff from catholic school, parents forced me to go when I was a kid.
  17. ok, if adam and eve started the human race, then why are there people who are differnt colors and stuff like that?(sorry dumb question but it boggles my mind)

  18. The real answer is that it's from our race evolving in different places in the world, the religion answer is shutup and stop asking questions.
  19. thats what i think, but some people beleve the adam and eve thing so i want to see their explaination of it

  20. I've talked to people who strongly believe that Adam and Eve existed, but they claim they weren't the only two people at the time. They were the first but others also lived on the planet.

    Some Christians believe it's all just stories too, and some believe that Adam and Eve existed and evolution also is true.

    Basically I think you could ask that question to 100 christians and get 100 answers, each person comes up with an answer that pleases themselves, one that allows what they want to believe to actually be what they believe. I think this sort of thing is why christianity has so many divisions, ie catholic, anglican, etc...

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