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Discussion in 'General' started by chronix79, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. aight so i have been living with my g/f for bout 2 years now and she always knew i smoked and eventually wanted to grow some(for personal use).

    so i was in my shed today starting to build my grow room and she comes walkin in with some tea and joint all rolled up for me(but she doesnt smoke lol). and i start explaining my plans for the grow room with her and i was all like dont worry im not gonna spend a buttload of cash or anything.

    well i kept saying i was gonna use cheap materials,seeds, ect. she stops me dead in tha middle of what i was saying and told me that if i was gonna grow i was gonna do it right and went on to say that money is not a problem and she just wants me to be happy.

    damn i love her,why cant all women be like that?
  2. that is fucking fantastic man, HOLD ON to that one :smoke:

    not many people like her in the world, i bet that brought a big ass smile to your face when you heard those words huh? :D
  3. propose. NOW.
  4. already have on x-mas eve in front of her whole family getting married june of 07
  5. Congratulations!

  6. As Less Than Jake said:
    "I'd say here's to you staying drunk
    here's to all your good luck
    you're gonna need it"

    Nah man I'm just playing, with support like that (as long as you reciprocate) you should have a long life together.
  7. yea man im not even working right now, but i have one year left in college(draftsman) and she knows shes gonna be well taken care of when i finish. but she supports me in whatever i wanna do(except other girls lol)

    life is good if you have somebody on your side no matter what.:cool:
  8. Thats the truth.

    congrats on the engagement

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