Just a simple glass of tap water.

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  1. Not sure where to post this?......

    I cut some tops because I'm running out of room up there.
    Just for shits n' grins, I put these in a class of water.
    They live on one end of the kitchen counter in very dim light behind the ol'lady's kitchen aid mixer.
    I take it over to the sink and overflow under the faucet to exchange the water every couple days. I forgot to scratch the stems on the sides.
    It's been almost 2 weeks now, and they're still green, and perky. But still no roots.
    My question is do you think they will ever grow roots like this, or will they eventually shrivel and die off?

    I'm not looking to invest much in this, I'm just fart'n around and don't really know what to expect. Kinda surprised they are still hanging in there.
    There are 3 cuts in this glass. Go ahead and laugh at me. I have a healthy sense of humor.
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  2. Rooting hormone performs miracles.
    I traded in my decades old Rootone F powder for Clonex gel.
    (You're gonna want some, some time, anyway...)
    The CLONEX really seems to work well on all manner of cuttings... for me.
  3. I've grown clones like that. Cloning gels would help but not essential. I've done it with and without
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  4. yep plant will can grow roots ,,if they do and you want to plant them up in to soil/potting mix dont let the roots grow to long as they will be a lot softer for growing in water and can break easy ,,just be gentle with them if you do plant them up ,,,mac,,
  5. Heap thanx guys.
    Looking forward to something kinda puts the fun back in it.
    Few years ago I had a real shitty time trying to make clones and finally just gave up on it.
    If it works and it's this simple, maybe even I can do it. It would be like getting a new toy.
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