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    I represent myself and everybody whose been there for me Since the days that I complained that life just wasn't fair to me
    Everyone whose ever sung a song that helped shed clarity
    On a situation where I need some temerity
    To make it to prosperity I had to kill austerity
    And make my own path on which I had to tread carefully
    Beware of the beasts that bare their teeth don't wander carelessly
    Appreciate the victories and recognize their rarity
    Anticipate the misery to jeaopardize your happiness
    This world is painted black and it's inhabitants are savages
    I spend my days fighting for a life that's so inadequate
    That when it's finally over I will actually be glad it is
    I'm just an individual whose living with a crippled soul
    I act like I'm content but then inside I'm fucking miserable
    I try to cope with bud but all that makes me is a criminal
    And all the while the stress just piles up and clouts my visual
    It really is just pitiful, the things that make me break
    Are the same things that the average man is facing day to day
    So it's safe to say my frailties as a person paved the way
    To all the pain that bears my name that I'm to claim in later days
    But there's not a use in dwelling in a hell within myself
    When I'm the only one who has the key to ditch this cell
    So I'm leaving man I'm gone, I'll leave some memories and a song
    and I don't plan on coming back until I fix whatevers wrong
    Till the fragments of my mind and heart can finally get along
    and even manifest a bond that's there to guide me when I'm lost
    Until the day on which my heart stops, I'm gonna use my plan
    Which is; to be who I can be instead of being who I am
  2. If you wrote that than I applaud you. Those lyrics are really well thought out and are a lot different than modern day rap lyrics. Really refreshing
  3. Thanks man, I appreciate that :)
  4. Dam you shitted
  5. Yo bro shittins all i do haha
  6. That was pretty good
  7. Thanks brah

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