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  1. So I don't know if this has been brought up before but I would like to interject my opinion. The whole Marijuana is a gateway to other drugs theory. Now my opinion(which is widely shared) is that the only gateway that exists is the black market thus being exposed to other. Yeah, nothing new. Some people I talked to always like to bring the whole gateway theory up and I always compare it to alcohol. The response I get always is "it's not the same". True, alcohol and Marijuana aren't the same but why isn't alcohol considered a potential gateway to other substances?

    People bring up the fact getting high and building up a tolerance and wanting more but doesn't being drunk count as a buzz? Who's to say no one wants to "step up" from alcohol? Either that or becoming an alcoholic and dying as a result. Now I am not hating on alcohol because I believe it has its time and place. I just find it crazy how whenever I bring up Marijuana people always bring the same nonsense.

    The whole "I don't want people driving stoned" when people die from drunk driving all the time, innocent people as well. "I don't want my kids exposed to that stuff" when alcohol is pretty easy to obtain. Hell just look in your parents cabinets. Also not to mention how easy it already is to obtain Marijuana. Illegal or not, people will get what they want one way or another if it exists.

    It just baffles me that people want to control what I can or can't ingest into my own damn body. People have this notion that, if legalized, Marijuana will take over the youth and the whole planet will turn to a drug infested cesspool. Why do people think everyone will move up to harder drugs? You can have your drinks on your days off but when I want to smoke a bowl or a nice J it's suddenly criminal? What's the difference?

    If Marijuana was directly linked to cancer or somehow detrimental to our health I feel like it would never get legalized. Even though cigarettes kill thousands per year. Even though alcohol kill thousands a year from drunk driving to overdose. While Marijuana has not been directly linked to one death from use. Yeah, I am pretty sure some dumbass got high and did something stupid and got him or someone killed but that is the person not the substance.

    I'm not saying Marijuana is a miracle plant that will cure everything but it certainly has proven itself to help people with various problems such as cancer, anxiety(I, myself find that Marijuana HELPS a lot with this), depression, etc. the list goes on. Yes, Marijuana can even be abused and it isn't for everyone. That could be said about every other substance on the planet. We can drink responsibly but why can't we smoke responsibly? Why do people think it is irresponsible or immoral to smoke but drinking is acceptable.

    Fellow tokers/edible eaters, including, my self are actually good people. We are an overall caring, responsible, smart, and polite community. Sure, we all have our fuck ups I will admit it. We all make mistakes but I can have the best reputation around only to be shattered by the one simple fact that I have a passion for Marijuana. You hide your kids from me and honestly think I am a bad influence? That I am going to smoke your kid up? I have more important things to do than involve your kids in my personal hobby. That is ultimately their choice to make not mine.

    Well this is my opinion/rant. I just had to vent a little. Would love to hear your opinions and experiences with the Marijuana movement! Keep smoking/vaping/eating edibles my friends! Most importantly stay safe! :smoke:

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