just a quick ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bcos_i_got_high, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. i hear your temps need to be below 80f..

    is this the plant or the room..

    i have my thermometor in the room on the wall at the side it will read about 75 -78f

    but if i put it closer to the plant it reads around 80 -82f..

    any advice ?

    i guess i just duno where to put the thermometor

    *** and thats just within 5 or 10 mins of putting it there i dont know what it would read if i left it there
  2. I have mine in the room to, but I gues the temp where the plant is is what you need but either way you sound good.

  3. do you think its an ok temp to be at even if it is around 80.. i have a colour coded therm and about 85f it stats going red at minute its at yellow. . cheers mels
  4. Mine is at around 85 on hot days and I've had no problems you should be good man.

  5. thnx cheers pal..
  6. its around the plants, 75-85 is ok, 78 is the sweet spot

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