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Just a quick question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Distracted, May 24, 2010.

  1. Usually when I decide to hit blunts, I get this nauseating feeling and I actually green-out, whereas that actually never happens with joints/spliffs, and even my pipe/bong, regardless of how many tokes/bowls I hit with those ones.

    Does anyone know why? And how I can prevent that? -- especially due to the fact that I absolutely adore blunts, yet I have such a low tolerance level for it.

    It's making me sad :(
  2. Blunt wraps are made from tobacco or tobacco leaves. that is probably the problem.
  3. Hrm, try different wrappers perhaps?

    If you're using the same strain or same weed in your joints, then I would say perhaps experiment with different blunt wrappers. If you consider yourself experienced and shouldn't be "greening out" with just one blunt, then the problem could very well be the type of wrapper you're using.
  4. Probably the paper harshness. I wouldn't advise to start out with blunts, keep to bongs and such for a few weeks at least. I didn't have a blunt until after like 2 months of smoking daily and I handled it well then....people vary.
  5. If you consume too much tobacco without any tolerance for it, you will definitely start feeling pretty ill and get the 'spins'. That all just goes hand in hand with smoking a blunt, which are full of toxins and chemicals from the tobacco. Honestly, if this happens to you I wouldn't even bother with blunts and just stay with norm rice/hemp papers, avoid sickness and I think they're far healthier than a blunt wrap.
  6. just reminds me of when a parent catches a kid smoking cigs and says if they can smoke ten packs in an hour the kid can keep smoking. The kid almost always gets sick from it. If you're not used to tobacco it can make you feel naucious
  7. Start packing fat lips for a week then try to hit a blunt.
  8. Thanks for the input guys, the blame is most likely to the wrappers in general, especially with what Panda stated.

    I smoke cigarettes too, I'm fully used to that.

    Appreciate it a lot, I guess I should start raising my tolerance level by sticking to bongs, joints, spliffs etc. and then possibly after that try blunts again, just for the sake of trying it to see if it would make a big difference as opposed to the previous times.

  9. i dunno man, forcing your tolerance to go up so you can smoke blunts, i would just stick with spliffs or poppers if you have to have the tobacco.

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