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  1. So, I smoke every day once or twice depending a few factors ( work, school work, etc.). I've smoked for a few years, but last year around March, my ex left me ( we were together for 7.5 years) . Anyways, I was wondering.. What are your opinions/ advice in regards to dating again, should I cut back on my habits? 

    Thanks :3
  2. Not at all.. However, you should practice your oral skills on a banana daily to ensure that when the right guys does come around, you won't lose him.
  3. No reason to cut back on anything if you have a healthy lifestyle/mindset. Just be yourself.

    I seem to smoke way less when I'm in a relationship. But it's not really a conscious effort. I just have less interest in the herb when I'm in love for some reason.

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  4. ^Lol wtf.
    NO. Weed has nothing to do with your love life.
    There is an easy explanation. Good pussy can be so mind blowing that you don't need anything else...
  6. You could always try to find a fellow stoner. :p
  7. thats the goal, but i only have a hand full of friends, and they all insist im the only one they know that enjoys the herb.. i call bullshit but what can ya do, lol.. I'm moving soon so hopefully I'll find someone to connect with that also enjoys smoking. 
  8. They must have a pretty uptight group of friends then if you're the only one. I'd call bullshit on that too. Haha

    Good Luck though, hopefully youre moving to a stoner friendly place.
  9. I don't see how your smoking habits would influence your dating life, there's crackheads in relationships so I think you'll be okay lol
  10. True, I guess my real issue is dating in general.. Like I said I was in a 7 year relationship, and that's the ONLY relationship I've been in.. It doesn't help that I was 12 when it started.. I'm starting from scratch lol.  
    Dating experience is overrated. Whats the issue though, not getting hit on ?
  12. I don't go out as much as I used to because drinking was about to be a problem, so I just decided to take a break from it, so I'm not out and about as much as I used to be, but I'm still social. I get hit on every time I go out, but I don't have any acquaintances that are intrested ( to my knowledge).  I'm just not connecting with anyone I guess, I'm not a talkative person, and quite frankly I can come off as shy, but I'm not lol. I'm not too picky either, as long as you are a decent person, and there's potential for physical attraction, I'd give someone a shot. Oh well I suppose, I'll find someone eventually.. Or a cat, lol.  :confused_2: 
    Well if you get hit on that's a connection being made, just give the guy your number so he can take care of business lol
  14. I do, but I mean a connection on an emotional level, I give just about everyone a chance but never have any luck. Everyone just seems to want hookups only, and that's not what I'm looking for right now. 
  15. Moving is always a good way to go. I'm doing the same myself, everyone knows me here and it sucks.
  16. Yea, I'm just a super chill person, and I get along with almost everyone, so maybe the big move really is what I need.
    Haha every body looks like they just want hook-ups, but how do you tell the difference ? If I'm hitting on a girl I like I'm not gonna act all soft and ''take things slow'' 'cause she will think I'm shy and lose interest.
  18. Most of the time, it's established within a week of talking to the person, lol. Idealy I want someone who is chill as fuck, employed**, and has some common interests... Mainly, people I attract are super opposite to what I would like in a relationships.. For example the last 2 potentials, had a few more girls on the go along with myself. It's not hard to figure out who wants what most of the time.
  19. As long as you feel your smoking is not stopping you from functioning as you want then I don't see why you should cut back actually.
    But if you are concerned about how anyone you might actually date would think of you smoking, well I don't know I guess you have to make that call. Personally if someone would have a problem with such things that I met I would probably stop seeing that person.
    I also wonder, why is employment of such an important factor or did you mean its would be ideal if the person is employed but not the most important thing ?
  20. thanks for the feedback! In regards to employment, I just meant it would be ideal but not a deal breaker if they weren't, because in some ways that shows responsibility, among other things, but if someone had other circumstances ( like being a student, just as an example) I would never hold that against someone. I spent a large portion of my life with someone who, even at 18/19 relied on his parents for 100% everything. I just dont want to be in a situation where the person has no life goals or aspirations.
    So, long answer made short: No it's not a requirement, but it would be nice to see someone who is as responsible and hard working as I am. I definitely wouldn't see it as a deal-breaker, or anything of the sort. 

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