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Just a quick question kinda nervous

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by datboymook, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone nice site...:wave:
    Ok well I have a weed lollipop(hopefully) I got from a friend and its brown

    im just wondering whats the possibility of this thing being laced? any things i should look out for? what possible drugs could this thing be laced with? i dont want to do something that has a possibility of killing know.
    thanks for any replies!
  2. why would someone take the time/ money to lace something?
    i dont think youre going to get raped or die
  3. true you have a point...but think about someone could try to get me addicted to theses things.
  4. you said its from a friend.
    i'm guessing youre relatively new to smoking?
    that paranoia will go away, but if you have any expirienced friends have them take a look.
    but yeah dude 99.99% sure it wouldnt be laced.
  5. thanks but if it was laced anything to look out for? smells different colors?
  6. if it were "laced" it could be a million things.
    anything in particular youre worried about?

    ps- its not laced lol
  7. lol sorry kinda nervous...

    but i read about heroin lollipops...morphine pops...and actiq something...
    I did read that actiq look completely different then what I have so I scratched that out.
    is it possible you can put crack in these pops?:eek:
  8. haha yes, its possible. you'd probably be able to see it, and if you consumed a little crack, youd know it. but honestly why do you think someone laced it? drugs are expensive, they arent gonna waste them. and do you trust your friend?
  9. I got it from my friend who get it from their friend. They said they trusted and knew this person for a long time. But still I was worried I don't know why im a very paranoid person lol.
    if laced could it kill me?
  10. Eat the fuckin lollipop
  11. just eat the damn thing already!:hello:
  12. it might kill you. but only if you choke on it.
    I'm gonna say it one last time.
    Lacing is expensive.
    If someone laced it to get you addicted to a hard drug, chances are you wouldnt wind up buying the hard drug from them so they wouldn't gain anything.
    So I repeat, people very very rarely lace anything, unless the customer wants it, or they are trying to date rape someone.
  13. lol paranoia ruins my fucking life man it sucks i still havent done the lollipop yet.
    sorry guys i dont know why i live my life like this it fucking sucks.
    im always scared to take risk.
    fucking sucks. :(
  14. It's probably laced with a white powder. Most likely sugar.
  15. Ship it to me. I'll consume it and post results
  16. LOL you guys are funny I'm eating it now I said F*** it!
    taste like weed...but hmmm its been 5 mins and not high yet
  17. Yeah man it's probably not laced that just wouldn't make sense (because of aforementioned reasons).
  18. Wow Im high as shit right ! :confused:but honestly i kind of dont like this high...
    its like you start off buzzed for 30 mins than bam it hits you and you get really high!!!:eek::eek::eek: and then you get buzzed for like 10 mins then bam you get crazy high again its kinda making me sick...and the taste of the lollipop was bad:(
  19. sounds like all edibles.

  20. Taking a risk is directly proportional to being afraid of taking risks.

    The more risks you take, the less afraid you become.

    The more risks you take, the more educated you become.

    The more risks you take, the more chance there is of making a mistake and bearing the consequences.

    Be smart, learn from your consequences, conquer your fear...

    ...And eat the fucking lollipop.

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