Just a quick question for BONG OWNERS!

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  1. Hey guys im sure this has been said a million times, but what do you guys use to clean your bongs? My bong isnt clear glass its solid and i cant see through it.

    But heres the thing, since i cant see through it so i dont really think about cleaning it, but i can imagine its getting pretty nasty in there.

    Ive heard rubbing alcohol and seasalt and just swirling it around the bottom will get most of that resin off.

    cmon guys help a brother out whats a good easy way to clean my baby:smoking:

    Also my glass bowl, can i boil that in water to get all the resin off? Its a party bowl so its like a bubble on the inside and impossible to clean lol so any tricks there too??

    Im sure you stoners got somethin let me hear it!!:hello:
  2. ISO works better, but that should do the trick. For the bowl, put it in a bag with enough salt to cover it and pour in some alcohol (ISO or rubbing) and shake it for a while. It'll come off. That's how I clean my glass spoons and it works really well.

    Edit: I use regular table salt because it can get the finer particles easier, but it takes longer.
  3. sweet man +rep for sure

    Ill do that man, ill probably go pick up some iso just for safe measure but im sure rubbing should work. Im just gonna use table salt too.

    Thanks tho man have a good night bro :)
  4. You too man. Just blazin and browsin, glad to help.
  5. lol im sorry but isn't isopropyl alcohol the exact same thing as rubbing alcohol?
  6. oh, how much salt and alcohol should i put in? And how long should i swirl it, cause i cant see through it and i dont have to take out my downstem eh?

    hahah im just cooked and overanalyzing this i think:smoking:
  7. Two words: Simple Green

    Edit: and two more: search button
  8. Ha you definitely are. Just eyeball a good amount of each. You'll probably have to run it through a few times. AND MAKE SURE WHEN YOU'RE SHAKING IT YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR ANYTHING.

    I've heard some bad stories of people shaking their bongs clean only to blast the base off the edge of a counter/table/shelf etc. Best of luck and you'll enjoy watching all that res go. That first shred out of a clean bong, nothing better.
  9. I cant wait:D
  10. This thread inspired me and I went and cleaned my bong... oh very niiiccceee.
  11. wowwww i never thought it was possible to get glass THAT clean again. Thanks a bunch buddy and yea im pretty sure that rubbing is the same thing as isopropyl the blunt truth.

    damn near needs another cleaning again :p hehe
  12. right on man. i think there's like a 10% alcohol content difference, but yeah man, cool shit.
  13. soak overnight in simple green. or shake with iso+salt. simple green works the best, IMO.

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