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Just a question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MRDRAGEN, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. When i was newer to tokin and smoked mids from bad joints (which did get me high) i would always get hit so hard. Like i went from being straight sober to getting hit like a train. one time i remember me and my friend smoked behind this vacant house in our neighborhood but we smoked two joints and left. we were walking and he was blazed. i was thinking man wtf why am i not high? we walked about 20 minutes and i decided to play some circa survive from my phone. when i got to the song i hit play looked up and it hit me so hard. now it usually tends to come slowly... maybe it was the strain because now i smoke dro. but idk does this happen to you guys btw it happened like the first 3 or 4 times smoked. does this happen to you guys?
  2. You were very inexperienced and didn't know what to expect. It took you a little while to realize that you were high.

    You'll find after you get a bit of a tolerence that your highness slowly builds till your completly toasted.
  3. Yeah, thats called a "creeper high" because it just creeps up on you like that.

    I've smoked a few strains that do that to me.
  4. That's happened to me before. I don't know, nothing to worry about. You're getting high right? lol
  5. Are there any strains you can get that will hit you in the face rather than creep up?
  6. I dont think that i was inexperienced and didnt know i was high i had gotten high a few times before that and did know what to expect. it was probably something having to do with me being new to it. it seems like all the thc just entered the cannabinoid receptors at once or however that works.
  7. yea check out some strain reviews or seed strain guides. Most of them will tell you which "hit you fast" and which are "creeper".
  8. Yesterday I hit the last of my greens and got ripped instantly.
    I picked up a new stash of some very orange-hairy kush, and i was surprised after hitting one bowl because I didn't feel high at all.
    However about 15 mins later I am stoned off my ass.

    So yeah what I'm trying to show is that the reason your high crept up on to you was cause it was probably a different strain.
    And I definitely love the creeper strain
  9. when i first started the high would hit me before i was done with the joint and i would end up just getting sidetracked and dancing around with the joint in my hand

  10. hahaha

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