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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by da_sAUCE!, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I know that rwilliams ban is final and I'm not going to say he shouldn't be banned, he should, he put himself in a dilly of a pickle.

    But, I do want to ask if the ban is forever, or if it is only for temp.

    I dont think he's a racist. He never said anything ragingly racist like:

    I hate N's.


    I think N's should be wiped off of earth

    or some other racist BS like that.

    He did however use the word and I think it's inappropriate and it deserves some time out but definitley not a perma-ban.
  2. What was his previous user name again?

    And while im asking questions, does typing the word N***** automatically result in a ban or does it depend upon the context?
    For example, Frederick Douglas's speach "what to a slave is the fourth of july" contains the word. I was going to post it on the 4th of july but didnt because i dont want to get banned.
  3. It's a three month temporary ban.
  4. This was the post that got rwilliams banned.

    <blockquote>sorry, but but ******s do exist. i've been robbed, and i don't mean ripped off, i mean blatently robbed, about 5 times. i lost a lot of money. i don't even want to go into the amounts. but, if going to a black high school has taught me one thing, it's this: please don't trust black people you don't know. with anything. trust me, they'll ask to borrow your ipod, don't let them. don't lend them a fucking pencil. and DON'T buy a bag off them. even if you know your bud, they'll still rip you off. you'll get to the crib, weigh it out on the digi, and say to yourself, "how did i let these guys convince me this was 3.5. " also, i've had black people i don't know too well say, "hey you wanna match?" umm, yeah, match my ass. i should have figured this out earlier, but he happened to know i had just copped a fresh o of dank, and he was looking for an opportunity to rob my ass... and he did, there went another $400 - a months pay during the school year. i have more stories, some i don't wanna share because of how stupid I feel for <big>trusting ******s</big>. now, i have a good amount of black friends.... i'd say about 50% of my friends. there is a HUGE difference between black people and ******s.</blockquote>

    Can you not see the generalizations and racist comments? Or are you really that blind? Just because a person claims to have black friends doesn't mean that it's true, or that he's not a racist for making such claims...

    To answer the OP's question, it's a temp. ban. He'll be unbanned in October when he's legally of age to be here (His post got him 2 weeks, but it was later brought to our attention that he's still a minor).

    @ the roach -- I'd have to say use your best judgment. If what you were planning on posting can be construed as racist, or taken in that context, please don't post it. Not trying to sound like a dick, just trying to not have a big scene later down the road.

  5. No, i dont think it could justifiably be misconstrued as a racist speach.
    I would gladly PM the speach to a mod for approval but I know you folks are busy enough already.

    thanks for clearing that up cottons. ;)
  6. Send it to a SM and RMJL (she's busy so she might not have time right away, thus why I said send it to a SM, too) :)
  7. oh wow, how did I never see that post?

    thx for bringing that to my attention.

    now I say perma-ban.

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