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  1. I recently tried to order something from a place called Herbal Cantera. They require you send a copy of your drivers license to them if you dont have a credit card. Anyway, I did that and sent it with my check which has my DL number on it. Well because the addresses didnt match they wont process my order. Isnt matching DL#'s proof or not? Anyway, I was wondering how difficult it is going to be to order from you. I would love to buy from your site as you have so many wonderful choices. But I would like to know ahead of time so that I know what I am dealing with. I dont want to go pay $25 for a new license with my new address on it, that was why my husband and I had our DL#'s put on our checks as for added security and identity.
  2. You can pay with creditcard, paypal, cash or check, we won't need your drive'rs license or anything else. If you pay, we will ship :)

    By ordering with us your automaticaly complying that you are over 18 years.


    webmaster grasscity.com
  3. Awesome! Then I will keep you in my favorites. :D Thanks!

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