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Just a Question for you Seasoned Tokers...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Death_or_Glory, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I've got a question for you guys (and girls), why do you get high?

    Is it to get "fucked up"? Or is it some other reason?

    For me it used to be about getting "fucked up", but now days I think I use the sacred herb for different reasons. I use it to be in a different state of thinking, to appreciate music, nature and life in general more, to relieve stress, to relax, for musical creativity, to ponder life, to reflect... The list goes on and on. I don't smoke to merely get really fucked up any more, it's on a completely different level for me now...

    So what is it like for you? Why do you get high?


    Peace and Love.
  2. I usually just smoke to relax at night and listen to music. I like it this way because I can keep my tolerance way down and not spend much money on it. Very rarely I will smoke a blunt or 2 when some friends from out of town when they are around and get really fucked up but I dont enjoy smoking like this that much.
  3. It helps me to appreciate things more and take a different light on things. I'm usually very depressed, misantropic and anti-social, so smoking helps get read of all of that.

  4. thats my favorite word ever. i love when ppl use it :hello:
  5. Its the best way to relax after a long day. Whats better then coming home taking 5-6 rips of a 2liter grav cranking up the music and tune out of existance.
  6. exactly, it's so relaxing and stress-relieving too
  7. Took the words right out of my mouth, man.

  8. To escape this shitty reality which only myself has the power to change.:D
  9. You pretty much covered it. Except I do use medicinally for anxiety. :hello:
  10. Getting high is a religion. It pulls me away from all the garbage going on in the world, and sets me in a comfy recliner so I can watch it. It puts me in a positive mental state, and relieves stress. It makes me passionate about whatever it is I'm doing. I don't smoke to get fucked up like you would with alcohol. I smoke to reach a positive plateau where the air is cleaner.

    I smoke the herb because it reveals me to myself.
  11. Wow, it seems alot of you blades have the same opinion about ganja as me...

    Blaze On :smoking:
  12. shit man I couldn't have said it any better myself
  13. I smoke to relax and hang out and chill. Just to enjoy things more and cultivate myself. I never really smoked to get "fucked up" in my smoking career. At least not that much. But I know way too many people who do smoke just to get fucked up.
  14. i hate it when people say you smoke to "escape reality" and to "get away" because
    i am totally in line with reality I just smoke to help my musical creativity, I write alot more free when im high, I smoked to relieve hangovers,

    I do not NEED weed but it certainly enhances my life as if anything else would to a non-smoker
  15. I am a very intolerant person. The smallest things can and will annoy the shit out of me and lead to a ruined day. I have slight anger issues and will usually snap at people when they really don't deserve it. I usually don't like large groups. When I smoke I am much more tolerable and don't mind being around people as much. Regardless what any study says, my grades are better when I smoke. When I am in class high and I focus on what the professor is saying, everything just seems to make sense and is easy to understand. Weed helps me block all the outside noise and destractions that disrupt my concentration.
  16. to loosen up, relax , feel good, bored and enjoy life while it lasts.
  17. I smoke because it makes me happy.
  18. I use smoking for various different reasons. I've used it as a pain reliever (very effective), as something to have a good time with my friends, for personal meditation and spiritual growth (contemplating life while stoned can be very rewarding sometimes), and for various other reasons. It's a shame that some people can't see how much the perks outweigh the negatives of smoking.
  19. Shit, it seems like soo long ago that I thought I was hot shit cuz I would get high. Now 5 years later, It has become part of my everyday life! Whenever I don't smoke I always feels so stressed, agitated and angry, after smokin', I'm chill, calm, and relaxed. Then I jus chill with music an Nature.

  20. This is a nice question, the bottom line for me is i get high because I enjoy it

    It helps with common things in every day life, it helps me go to sleep, it gives me an appetite if i dont have one or it increases an already existing appetite, relieves daily anxietys i may have after a toke, allows me to dwell on creative ways to approach different situations in my life and so on, its just a great medicine all around; BUT.......................... myself i took awhile to get adjusted into dealing with things in life while high daily, i think its because my tolerance took a very long time to ever raise...

    I dont even believe cannabis is for everyone, it seems like overweight people, people lazy while sober, stupid people, people with mental problems shouldnt smoke cannabis it just worsens theyre problems.. it seems like...anyways thats my 2 cents, peace :wave:

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