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Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Bud Head, May 8, 2003.

  1. If the bible is the written word.................then...................why did it have to be re-written????

    I mean the old testiment was the bible............did some one goof and the new tetiment had to be written?????

    Just curious..
  2. I think this is right.. I went to a funeral today and the preacher was talking about this very thing..

    The new testiment was written because a group of "specalists" looked at the old testiment and decided something was wrong. They basicaly took the old testiment and copied everything that was right and just, and cut a bunch of the other stuff out.. I dunno if this helps.. I may be wrong..
  3. That would make sense but If the bible was written by gods words............... wouldn't changing that make it wrong?
  4. Yes.. thats why the Lutherian Church doesn't acknowlege the new testiment.. Most people are ignorant and over look the fact that god said.. My word is true others are blasyphmist..
  5. I have read the old testiment and can relate to most of it.. The new testiment, with some of it being completely opposit of the old one doesn't make sense as to why it was changed.

    What got me thinking was a friend of mine got married. His wife to be had them to take out the "honor and obey". The old testiment says that the mans woman should "honor and obey". I just have problems believeing something that has been changed from it's original context.

    Thats like saying I screwed up!

    What do ya'll think?
  6. I'm not a real religious person.. And that is the first time I have ever heard of someone changing something like that.. It just seems kinda odd... I don't see why you think you screwed up.. Afterall, Its just ink on paper....
  7. Thats like saying I screwed up!

    What I meant by that^^^^^^ was

    If I write a song. then re-write it.... then it means I screwed up the first time..

    By what I said was...................... Did god screw up or one of his writters or did some one just not like the way the first testiment was and changed it to better suit the times.

    I don't understand how you take perfection in the eyes of the being behind the bible and then change it as though the being was wrong!
  8. see thats why i dont beleive in religion, things just dont match up! good point BH!
  9. Ummm...I'm Lutheran and we definitely acknowledge the New Testament. We even preach from it. The New Testament was written because of the coming of Christ. Certain things in the Old Testament no longer applied, and many parts of the New Testament are for those who have trouble with faith. It wasn't just rewritten to be rewritten. It tells about Jesus's life and expands upon his teachings.
  10. the whole thing just goes to show how rediculous religion, and christianity in particular, really is.

    it truely is suprising to discover that there are a vast majority of "christians" who dont even know how it was spread and managed to survive.
    any religion that does that sort of shit sure aint getting me as one of its kind.
  11. now you all know i have to respond, right? LOL

    ok, this might get a little confusing... so i'm gonna try to explain it the best i can.

    the Old Testament was given to the Jews so they could have some form of law to live by... before the OT, the Jews didn't have God's law, and therefor couldn't really be held accountable for their sins. the comming of the OT gave God's expectations, and showed how far away from God the Jews really were. it also taught of reverence for God, and showed God's mercies (as well as his wrath in certain instances).

    the New Testament came around with the coming of Christ. A few of the OT laws were nullified with Christ's teachings. this was because the Pharasis (today we'd call them Catholics) believed that they could get to heaven by just following the law. Jesus taught the opposite... he taught you needed faith to go to heaven, not just the law.

    he also clarified that the law was more of a guide for after you've been saved (ie, you get saved first, then try to live by the law).

    so to answer BH's original question of why do we have the New Testament... we have the NT to tell of Christ and what he did for us (as well as what he expects of His church), give us a look at things to come, etc. it's not because there was a goof in the OT.
  12. there were jews before they had the old testiment???

  13. Yes, there were Jews. Adam and Eve could be considered Jewish. They knew of God and there were prophets and others who heard God's word like Noah did, but the Torah wasn't written until God dictated it to Moses. In the Bible, the people Moses went to free from the Egyptians were known as Jews, even tho the Torah hadn't been written, yet. Being a Jew isn't all about religion, it's also about descent.
  14. That does explain alot cottons..

    I wish i knew why the women do not have to sya "honor and obey"..

  15. well, technically they were called Hebrews... but yes, they were what we know as Jews. they believed in and worshipped the God of Abraham, etc... they just didn't have the formal law yet.
  16. sorry to ruin the party.

    one quick observation tho'

    let's assume there is a god, for argument sake.

    now, i know god would be really busy, taking care of his creation. the mere fact that he does such a piss poor job of it is just one indication of how tasking that job is.

    if he were to answer *any* prayer that would be a *real* divertion to the main task at hand, namely keeping us humans from going at eachothers throat.

    and if god on top of all this played favourites, ie the jews, then he would be obviously *really* busy. so busy infact that he was quite preoccupied during the 1933-1945 period when his selected people were up shit creek without a paddle in europe at least.

    did i mention that god is still a bit busy keeping lutherans away from catholics in ireland? but then again, the fundamentalists (christians) know gods plans to the slightest detail, so we can all rest assured that everything will be allright!!!!!!!
  17. well, if you're assuming there's a God, you also must assume He's omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, perfect, and eternal. that's what make's him God, right? well... if he's all of these things... don't you think answering prayers and making His will known seem kinda small in comparison?

    also, just because He allows things to happen that are bad doesn't mean that He's too busy. maybe He has other plans.

  18. as i said... the fundamentalists (christians) know gods plans to the slightest detail, so we can all rest assured that everything will be allright!!!!!!!

  19. when does the next sequel come out?

    i'll wait to pass judgement on christianity until the trilogy is complete.

    :D heehee.
  20. rotflmao

    the old testament

    "the exciting story of creation and destruction. read how cities are flattened when god has a tantrum. how entire nations are visited by plagues. not to mention a healthy dose of explicit content"

    the new testament

    "read about jebuses marches around palestine preaching to the infidels. miracles abound that put david copperfiel to shame. we won't disclose the ending here, but it's got lot's of excitement and blood and fires and stuff"

    the last testament

    "the book to end all books. it's paradise ladies and gentlemen. the full coverage of the final judgement god threw upon his unsuspecting minioms. with enclosed dvd featuring "earths final hours" a three hour extravaganca. this ain't special effects folks!!"

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