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Just a question about butter.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by giroldo, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. alright guys i am going on a six hour drive in a few days. Because of time issues, i will have no way to smoke before the trip. The sole reason i want to get high on the trip is because i want it to be more fun and seem like a lot shorter of a ride.

    i thought that maybe i could make a VERY SMALL batch of cannabutter.

    i am bringing two ounces up with me but that will remain untouched. however i do have about 1.5 grams or so of some kb beasters. this is what i will plan on using for the butter.

    what is the usual ratio for weed to butter? it doesnt have to be simplified down to my weight, but what is the general ratio of butter to weed?

    im also open to any other ideas besides cannabutter. im allergic to peanut butter so firecrackers are out of the question. I tried leary biscuits before, but those didnt work all that well. open to suggestions.
  2. can anybody help me?
  3. yeh, i was looking at that link too. thanks though.
  4. for 1.5 grams of weed im thinking make 30 grams of butter?

    for a 1/2ozbatch you use an lb.
    14 / 14 and 453.59237 / 14 shows...
    1 gram bud to 32 grams butter
  5. Sounds right. But I think 32 grams is such a small amount it might burn in the pan, but I could be wrong. You should make it into a small batch of cookies though. Get one of those package of cookie mix and divide like you did with that but for the cookies. So figure out how much mix to use for the amount of cookies you want. You could do 3 .5 gram cookies. Or why dont you just make firecrackers?
  6. ^ Im to baked to check the math but if its right I would use a small ass pan so you dont burn the shit, and keep the temp pretty low.

  7. well sir above me thats why
  8. haha thanks for clarifying that!!!

    and to answer the question of the loss of butter from boiling... i was planning on using the method where water is boiled and the bud and butter are added into the water. It will be boiled for a while and then put in the fridge. the butter (fused with the cannabinoids) will rise to the top of the pan and cool.
  9. jus bumping this up

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