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Discussion in 'General' started by CorpseBreeder, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Hey, first post an I was wondering, would mixing diff kinds of weed do something really bad, cuz I know my friend has at least Hydro and Skunk all mixed up and even other kinds in there too. So would smokeing it like that like kill us or something?
  2. Uhhh no. The only way that could kill you is if you put something in there that wasn't weed like rat poison. I mean if you think about, none of those will kill you, so why would they all being mixed up kill you? It would make no sense in saying that it would kill you, and that is like saying weed itself will kill you. So nah, just puff away.
  3. well not kill us but like seriously mess us up, so thanks for the answers I feel a lot better now
  5. mixing weed is awsome. you get really messed up. i knew a kid who had a really bad reaction to it though, he was tripping really hard and he said his heart felt like it was gonna come out of his chest. but besides that i havent heard of anyone having problems
  6. we mix weed all the time, sometimes smoking different types at a time, but sometimes at the same time!!!crazy..not really, but its fun
    usualy i like to c what its like by itself

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