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    With a bit of story behind. You late on rent, spent your last pennies on HPS bulb and got no AC unit nothing. (more on Poor man's setup)
    The smallest clone(Smallest cannabis clone/cutting) you took from that strain(bagseed) finally rooted and you're ready to plant it on a big pot, then you suddenly gotta move on to another house far away and to make the situation more complicated, a "terrorist attack" happens to the parliament and the city is in a totally militarized state(dogs and armed units everywhere) with buttload of checkpoints. You just move +300gram of wet stinky ass buds that you harvested last week + 4-5 clones to the new house(that "phew" though! when you just realize you ain't busted) so you put them under sun and let them enjoy their life.
    Shine on you alien diamond
    plant1.jpg plant2.jpg plant3.jpg
    @mactheman You always motivated me, since day 0.
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  2. thanks Yazden ....nice to be thanked ...grow on bro grow on ,,,,,,glad you got to your new house with out being molested by them dogs ,,,,,:passtheshit: mac
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  3. cheers
    will keep you updated with them bud being dried and ready to jar and gift.
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